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  • Things I've Failed To Do When People Left Our Church;

Now, the following list contains examples of reasons that people use as their primary purpose for being baptized, and why those reasons are faulty foundations. Here in lies the first question you should ask yourself before deciding to get baptized: am I doing this because I believe it is going to earn me something with God?

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The answer should be a firm no. I grew up in a tradition that believed that baptism was essential for salvation. Many of us high schoolers would have arguments about whether someone would go to heaven if they happened to slip on the edge of the baptismal and meet an unfortunate end before they had been dunked. It depends on their heart motives for being baptized. It is easy when considering baptism to think about the approval that we will receive from our Christian family and friends.

Some of you are being urged by others to get baptized, and frankly, you are a little tired of it; some of you are wanting to get baptized for greater acceptance in your family and among your friend circle. Appeasing them is not a reason to get baptized.

Things I've Failed To Do When People Left Our Church

This connects very closely with number three. Yes, this is a controversial statement, so let me clarify what I mean. Some of you are looking for your life to be turned around. You are looking for some stepping stone to give you confidence in attacking life differently, in a more positive way.

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Unfortunately, many people look to baptism as this path to a better life while sadly bypassing the one who has promised true, spiritual baptism. If you are looking for a new life, it can only be found in coming to the cross and empty tomb of Jesus and believing in him, the life-giving and death-defeating Savior. Use it as much as you can. Before we dive into that, I would like to hear your thoughts, Mr. Alex Mills. It assumes that you know that this person will not want to miss the MercyMe concert.

That is completely disappeared in this phrase. If you were truly invested.

5 Reasons People Have Stopped Attending Your Church

If you were a partner. Brady Shearer: Oh, wow. You hate Jesus!

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  5. It also instead conveys a sense of community and hopefulness. Our community is rallying, gathering around whatever this event is gonna be, and again, a lot of communication comes down to the implied emotions and attitudes that are underneath the statement.

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    Brady Shearer: Exactly. But communications is very nuanced. Brady Shearer: And when you do a ton of these small things that in reality, require no effort.

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    Alex Mills: I love this. Alex Mills: Exactly, exactly, so I love this so much and I use this phrase. Requires no effort. Swap it out and go with it. We take your privacy seriously.

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    No spam. Communication is tough, but even small changes can move the needle forward. Brady discusses a commonly used phrase in church announcements and why we should stop using it. Subscribe to Podcast. What's in this session? Alex Mills: Right.