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Competitive game formats can be a great way to help students review their understanding of concepts, formulas, math vocabulary, and more.

Creativity: An Introduction | VLS

We also like this low-tech dice game that is a great way for pairs of students to practice calculating area. Survivor Algebra from coolmath.

Kids Crafts : How to Build a Cardboard Box Castle

Here is another take on the Survival of the Fittest idea where everyone in the class needs to know the material because their survival depends on it! If your students dare to question the purpose of all those figures and formulas, race over to this site , filled with practical math problems for all grades based on real-world examples. A shot of humor at the beginning of class can go a long way toward keeping your students engaged and learning. Want your students to feel good about your class?

Pull from these algebra and geometry math memes and cartoons to post at the beginning of every lesson.

Creativity in Preschool: Part One

Chances are that your students were brought up in cozy elementary classrooms surrounded by colorful walls filled with theme-based decorations. We think that these Word Wall visual reminders for your algebra and geometry classroom walls are the perfect, aged-up version of those comforting learning aids from days past. Want more fun, out of the box ideas for teaching algebra and geometry? Dust jackets are a pain for little kids to deal with, so many teachers end up just taking them off. This is a fun way to put them to use. Learn more at Kinder-Craze.

Learn more at How Joyful. Get the free printable label here. These are so useful for labeling things around the classroom and when you buy them at Staples or Office Depot the cost can really add up.

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Learn more at Literacy Loves Company. So much better than pushing them in between a shelf and the wall or tossing them into a messy pile.

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Learn more at The Brown Bag Teacher. Each student will have a magnet with their name on it and whenever they need to leave the classroom, they'll move their magnet to the place they're heading off to. Learn more at Learning in Wonderland.

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    They'll look better and they'll last longer. They can hang from the clothespins until someone claims them. Now you can use the exterior for notes or doodles. Each week a different student could be in charge of keeping it organized.