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Smolder - Dragon Souls #1

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Smolder (Dragon Souls, #1) by Penelope Fletcher

In particular, this series combined by love of sci-fi alie The Ex must respect your new address and you should too. If you have one of these; you have to deal with it in such a way that it not interfere with your new situation. When one commits to moving on you really do have to keep it moving and establish a clear and precise understanding of t We didn't make it to all 35, though.

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  4. Mar 01, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: new-adult , hottest-male-leads. I love the world, and how Marina stands up for what she believes in. I don't love how selfish she is and how she admits to being wrong but then holds grudges based on pride. The challenges and political intrigue were really exciting.

    And the parts between Marina and Kaol were mostly good, they have a more developed relationship, plenty of sexy times, and an understanding. However, I hattte 3. However, I hattteeddddd the ending!!!! First off, it felt totally rushed! However, everything after that was super rushed.

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    Marina completely cutting everyone out, Marina only forgiving Kaol. Marina abandoned her child for 7 years?!!?!?!?!!? So what the next book will be 7 years later? Why didn't she do a 6 months to 1 year later? I just can't beleive everyone ignored this problem for 7 years. UGH so not happy with the ending. This really would have been a 4 or 4. Not even grammatical erros which I think there are a lot but just tons of errors. It was a bit distracting.

    Anyway, Looking forward to the last one whenever it comes about. I won't hold my breath this time since this series is totally unscheduled. View 1 comment. Aug 31, Elizabeth marked it as to-read. Jan 08, Sonotjade rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-and-adored , fantasy. Okay, so Often, people talk of the 'second book syndrome' the first book was such a hit, the second one sucked in a major way My tired and bleary eyes can totally attest to the fact that it is totally not the case in this book When I started this book at about midnight yesterday, I totally did not expect not to be able to tear my eyes off the pages long enough to catch some winks.

    This book threw me into an emotional roller coaster. So, it started off exactly where the first one left. Marina was out to face the first of the quests, without body armor We could totally feel Koen ready to explode at that one. And when she did that thing with the fire! Marina, so strong, so fierce, so courageous and kind! Everyone needs their own dragon, I swear, life would be so much better!

    She is mine. I will not give her up. Crown, Wreath or peasant non la, I will marry her. Marina's relationship with her son is simply touching. It made warmth glow in my belly every time she and he interacted, at the same time my heart squeezed because of all the secrets and dare I say lack of trust - though I totally understand after all he went through! I was so scared and angry and pained when Marina woke up after her big reveal! I thought I'd get in and help her squeeze some necks! He wished he could feel her soft, protective touch upon his brow, her lips upon his brow, pressing against his cheek as she sought to soothe him.

    Her love had been a solid, all encompassing thing he'd been both drawn to and terrified of. As for the story, I gotta say, I knew what transformation was going through Marina, the hints were too big for anyone to miss, but hot damn in no way did I think any of it would happen quite like it did! Miss Fletcher, you impress me with your unpredictability!

    The third, well, the third was what it was and good Goddess did I love and hate that one! Throughout the book, the characters all kept me enthralled! My opinion of nearly all of them changed so drastically as the book wove on! It was crazy! Gentle and caring Daniil view spoiler [hate him, hated him at the end, stupid prejudiced politician who dared 'betray' Marina by giving such fucking stupid advice to Koen hide spoiler ] , crazy bitch Anastasia view spoiler [who weirdly I came to respect and even - dare I say - like hide spoiler ] , quiet Galina view spoiler [who turned out to be a murderous traiterous bitch!

    It was 4 something in the morning, and I was so totally ugh! Just, ugh! I looooooved the new characters, they were so awesome! Viktor, Jakob, Sevastyan, Vadik Truly, this story was totally worth waiting for. Miss Fletcher you surpassed yourself. The only thing I do have something against is the ending!

    God, I hated Koen there for a while and nearly all of their family too. It was so awful view spoiler [that they gave away Boy! Prince or not! He was a living breathing human Mage sacrifice hide spoiler ]! However I got over my snit, view spoiler [at nearly the same time Marina did - her bringing Koen to heel did help - hide spoiler ] about him, but the others not really.

    Man, oh, man! Now I have to wait some more to get more of Marina and Koen and Boy! Honestly, I cannot wait! Please do not leave us hanging. These books are wayyyy too good! Gonna go check if I can find any info on it - did not until now - was still too good from my high to check - but, I need to know! May 21, Mo rated it liked it.

    Where to start, where to start? I struggled to give this 4 or 3 stars out of 5 but settled on 3. Loved the beginning and middle of the novel and new characters. However I struggled to like other aspects of the novel towards the ending, at times it felt slow and was dragging and others too rushed. What really bothers me is what happened to Boy, the relationship status with Daniil and the attraction between Jakob and Cathryn because there is literally nothing there, it's as if the author struggled Where to start, where to start?

    What really bothers me is what happened to Boy, the relationship status with Daniil and the attraction between Jakob and Cathryn because there is literally nothing there, it's as if the author struggled what to do with her character and forced her into any romantic interest that came along and frankly Jakob can do better. Cathryn just honestly bugs me and I am completely okay with my biased opinion, she shouldn't be anywhere in the main protagonist life considering she never once apologized nor cared for her "best friend's" feelings to do what she did yet happily gets to voice her opinion when given the chance.

    No, I don't think so. If there is another novel coming out I don't believe I will be finishing it unfortunately. I feel as many of the issues could have been resolved sooner and with new hindsight I am no longer interested in finishing this series. Apr 05, MJ rated it did not like it. Seeing some of these reviews makes me wonder if anyone actually read either Burn or Smolder I mean Marina, view spoiler [ what a sweet little push over she has always been But no worries, just stroll right back on in - after giving her child to your worst enemies who you think are the Seeing some of these reviews makes me wonder if anyone actually read either Burn or Smolder But no worries, just stroll right back on in - after giving her child to your worst enemies who you think are the scum of the earth - and she'll follow your lead and leave her child in the desert with guaranteed assassination plots aimed at him Yep, that's def the girl I've been reading about since page 1 of Smolder.

    Extremely disappointing. Jul 04, Jezi rated it it was amazing Shelves: a-e-books-owned , g-paranormal , favorites , p-shifters , p-dragons , g-medieval , t-pregnancy-children , c-royalty , t-cliffhanger , y-kindle-purchase. The book is packed with tons of action and heartbreak. I am not usually a fan of a series of books following the same couple from book to book, but I hope the next one is still focused on Marina and Koen.

    I didn't see it that way and it seems as if the next book is about getting him back so I was totally okay with those events. On a side note: The editing on this book needs a bit of work, but I don't discount for that in my reviews and it was good enough to keep me enthralled that I didn't really care too much. View all 5 comments. Plot holes! So many plot holes I am sad to say I am very displease with this book Full review to come. Aug 21, Moop rated it really liked it. Mar 01, Linda rated it it was ok.

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This isn't really a review. More of a rant. I really liked this book up until the end. I just can't believe her character would just forgive the guy and basically ignore the missing child for seven years. I know she says they've been looking for him for all that time but that's bullshit!! Going off on the decisions she's made this seems completely unrealistic and idiotic. He's her son for fucks sake. She shouldn't have forgiven Koen.

    But most importantly, she shouldn't have basically This isn't really a review. But most importantly, she shouldn't have basically sat back and let her son be on his own for seven years. I really liked her character up until this point. As for Koen, I understand he wanted to avoid a war and was under a whole lot of pressure but I am certain that would it have been one of his blood children he wouldn't have given them up. He would have argued that they were innocent and would have fought for them regardless of the devastation or wars it could have caused.

    I liked him before, not so much now. I need the next book to come out already and make everything alright. Regardless, her character has been ruined for me because of her decisions in the end. Jan 19, Tanya rated it it was ok Shelves: shifters , warrior-military , dragon. I dislike books like this because they make me feel as though I am forced to read the next in the series. Because of this I will donate these 2 books to the local library and forget about any upcoming books. I love reading series and the continuation of a story.. While I find this book to have excellent world building and a terrific story I just cant get past how she finishes a book.

    This is my own personal opinion and while I highly recommend this book to people less bothered by extreme cliffhangers, I simply refuse to continue this series. A bad ending can turn a 5 star book into a 1 star book for me Sep 24, Sammy rated it really liked it. Visit www. The book was good and I definitely recommend.

    This book is a huge improvement from the first book, and I loved it. Although the Aver contest is concluded in this book, there is more of Marina and Koen to come I think. The epilogu Visit www. The epilogue does jump ahead a good few years but it also sets up the story for the next book. I look forward to it. One negative point: it felt rushed from mid-book to the end. Jul 15, Melody Hamort rated it it was ok. I loved the book until the last few chapters. She became such a pushover. The last five chapters made me hate almost all the characters in the book.

    That you agreed. It was the only way he would go without a fight, and without using his magicks. Then she waits eight years to go after her alleged son!? May 11, ARo rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. Too lengthy description. Main characters of The book behave so stupidly I felt like slapping then around. Why is Marina up set at her friend because she is Having an affair with her fat her? So damn selfish. So damn spoiled brat. It is difficult to like her Even if she is brave. Will not read The next one. Great book Great book The story is original and well written.

    Ms Fletcher has a good grasp on her characters and isn't afraid to take risks necessary to keep them true to the people she has created. I hope there is more coming. There are still copywriting errors, spelling in particular. Jul 12, Rasa Ievkalne rated it did not like it. Shallow,self-righteous, uneducated, unpleasant, narrow minded,judgmental, intolerant, overreacting, aggressive, hysterical, self-centered, shallow,extremely rude,egoistic ,vulgar,hypocritical with a strong tyrant tendencies. If that is a description of a lead female character you are fond off-congratulations,this is a book for you.

    There are plenty of chapters showing Marinas true character. No matter how many times author makes other characters to refer to her as fair,smart and co Warning,spoilers. No matter how many times author makes other characters to refer to her as fair,smart and compassionate, the whole book is filled with Marinas actions that are proving she is not even close to that. Some scenes though are more ridiculous that others.

    Lets start with the first that made me see white. Marina enters her friends room without knocking and see said friend having sex with Marinas father. Lets note that Michael looks young and hot and Marina have been nothing but cruel to him so far,refusing outright to form any kind of bond with him,except for ensuring her rich lifestyle and gaining favours from council. I have no idea what author hoped to achieve with the scene that follows. Our "nice" heroine not only screams bloody murder for the whole confrontation,she deeply disrespect,humiliates both her father and her best friend,treat them as property,slaves that have misbehaved,as a property that is especially lovely since Marina supposedly is so aghast that slavery exists and supposedly strongly opposes it.

    She does proceed to punish both adults for this crime,even entertains the idea of letting Koen kill them both for offending her. From witch finger did Marina sucked out that she had any rights to even dislike it,I have no idea. We have been showed in previous book and in this one how parasitic her relationship with Catherine is:Cat being the responsible donor all along and Marina not caring even one bit about her.

    Great best friends,indeed. Lovely manipulation for Michael cheating on her dead mother. Who left him while being pregnant. And keeping his child from him. And he had been celibate for 30 years after she left. Yes, that is not a typo,I really meant 30 Oh,did I mention her mother had several relationship in the 20 years after she left? And Marina was aware and supporting of it? So Marina is outraged and rightfully hurt on her mother's behalf. I guess this conflict was created to set a predicament for Marinas moving out and introducing her relatives on mothers side. Then it is a continuous rumble of events.

    Aver gets nearly dismissed as important,unless it it to highlight how wonderful and brave our heroine is. There is no focuses on anything anymore. Few mentions of competition,few of Boy A teenage assassin Marina adopted and presumably immideatly loved as her own child. Yeah,totally felt it. In those two sentences he and his growing problems were mentioned and Marina had a fleeting thoughts about him.

    And then comes the huge climax of Marina dieing,Koen selling said child, Marina not dieing and realising his betrayal. Now,here I had a hope. Her reaction started out as something any mother could relate to. Of course if we overlook that after receiving the crushing news,Marina decides to defeat the Koen to ensure she gets the crown. Oh,well,girl power? I guess. Very appropriate moment. Then came hope when our girl decided she feels betrayed and wants nothing to do with him. I had hopes,really I did. Especially after her death decree of involved parties if they enter her realm.

    Can you guess what it took for Koen to win her back? You may think some grovelling,long suffering,explaining,right? Nope,he just had to come through window and proceed to fuck her. Then is the lovely moment of her being pregnant I have no idea when she got pregnant though unless it happened when they first met. Koen promises to be the best father and never betray his kids and Marina is happy. Why not,he have proved already how mutch he values children.

    They are a handy coin you can sell,gift or use as payment. I was so proud of them both at that moment,I even felt bile rising and nearly vomited from happiness for them both. Marina proceeds to sigh sadly after her sold child for seven years while happily fucking Emperor. Happily ever after. This book is a pile of shit,to be honest.

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    It reads really hard,everything is unconnected mess,characters are disgusting at best and only my honour, of finishing book I have started before I write review,made me to actually read till end. I suffered. So,please,read it as well,I don't want to be the only fool to have wasted part of my life on this rubbish. Dear Penelope Fletcher, invest in autocorrect as you obviously can't write without huge spelling mistakes. Or read what you wrote before publishing. The amount of missing words,spelling mistakes and typos is ridiculous. Respect your readers if you don't respect your language.

    Most Imaginative I prefer to review books at their conclusion. The first book of this series reeled me in with an imaginative story that straddles time and space and created well defined characters that were delightful in a dramatic way. The editing was pretty good. Book two becomes much more serious. As it gets to the third quarter the pace becomes quite frantic and loses its deliberateness.

    It's sense of reality weakens. It also becomes an editorial pain. It became necessary to try and figure Most Imaginative I prefer to review books at their conclusion. It became necessary to try and figure out what the author meant. I really dislike that kind of time waster. It ruined what could have been a good read.

    I can still recommend the series with this caviote. Review and rating for the series. Wow, can't believe I stumbled on this great series read. Reading book 1, I was happy enough to move onto book 2. Which was an enthralling read. Hard to say what I enjoyed most, but I think it comes down to the h. She was such a solid character - her emotions, her actions, her beliefs. Worth continuing with the series is book 1 doesn't grab you. World building, plot and characters well designed and detailed, leaving fond rememberences long after the series was fi Review and rating for the series.

    World building, plot and characters well designed and detailed, leaving fond rememberences long after the series was finished. Mar 24, Jennifer rated it liked it.