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In the book a woman of 89 years old asks a student she lodges to lead an inquiry on the monks of Mount Athos, perhaps in search of her lost son, and it takes him years back into history, and to a series of astonishing meetings. See evene. See YouTube discussion by the author about his book. See review at evene. See Wikipedia. In it she tells an intimate story, which evokes the mental illness of her father.

The Prix Femina is a prize selected by an exclusively female jury, and has been given out since except for certain war years.

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Previous winners have included Marguerite Yourcenar and Dai Sijie The award is now given fro French and foreign writers. In this book, he tells the story of a small-time swindler, fascinated by a young English woman, intermixing it with a cinimatographic project inspired by De Sade. See summary of reviews at passiondulivre. Some past winners of note include Michel Houellebecq and Christopher Donner See YouTube interview with the author.

See lefigaro. Alabama Song , Un roi sans lendemain , Ni d'eve ni d'adam. It's a story within a story, because the conceit is of a writer, Henri Norden in effect, Donner's double asked to prepare a screenplay for a film on the killing of the child-king. Taking of the Bastille. At one level, he has his puppet-protagonist spew obscenities, interact with and villify the royal family; at another, on his strings, jerking and twitching with his every issue, the working class radicals.

Drunk on popular acclaim, he becomes audacious, broaches: "To guillotine a king [Louis XVI], is it possible? Eh [obscenity deleted], why not? Are we free? If we are, a king is only a citizen like all the others. It's a deadly game with rivals -- such as Robespierre-- of lead the revolution or lose your head.

In it, that small boy from his tower-prison wondering whether his father died bravely, and with the pluck to want to fight! What pathos there! I give this book a coup de pouce thumbs up , so buy, borrow, whatever, and enjoy. Though Nothomb does not match that earlier creation, the two books read well together. Ni d'Eve ni d'Adam thoroughly entertains, as it covers a period in the same heroine's life, roughly contemporaneous with her workplace travails.

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Particularly delightful is the reverse effect, to wit, personal taste trumping culture. There's a moment of pathos, unexpected, chilling, when he enters the apartment she's maintained for years for the children of hookers, and sees her, seated, staring vacantly into space. In a blue dress with daisies, a valise at her feet, her mind ready for the doorbell's ring, she waits for the French police.


And what remarkable contrasts! In a seedy, lower-income neighborhood of Paris, with its mix of cultures and religions, there's the grossly overweight, deteriorating Rosa beside Momo of indeterminate age, ten? Then there are the Zaoum brothers, who heft her as they would a piano, down five flights of stairs in her building, sans elevator, so they can take her on an exhilarating car ride through the city. Classic Writers. Portrait of Cosette. Drawing for Une Vie. My Reviews of Modern Novelists.

Born in Kobe, Japan in and the daughter of a Belgium ambassador, she spent the first five years of her childhood in Japan. Afterwards she lived successively in China, New York, Bangladesh, Burma and Laos, and did not set foot on Belgian soil until she had reached the age of seventeen. Her books Le Sabotage Amoureux Loving Sabotage in translation and Stupeur et Tremblements Fear and Trembling in translation are my favorites from her books, both which take a look at life in Japan -- the former, about her growing up as the child of a diplomat there, the later addressing the perils of life in a Japanese company.

She has a great sense of the comic in her writing, though she can also be quite dark in a droll sort of way, as with her plot in Catilinaires , about the neighbor who always comes to visit a retired couple in the country at the same time late in the day, sits in a chair wordless, while they try to entertain him, and drives them nearly crazy, because they are too decent and timid to ever shut the door in his face.

See the complete review in English and French for information about Nothomb. And here's a link from belgium. It is my favorite novel that uses the game of Go as a significant part of the plot. The books that come to mind here, by way of comparison -- The Master of Go by nobel prize winning writer, Yasuanri Kawabata, and Trevanian's international thriller, Shibum i -- are quite good too, so all the more kudos to Shan Sa for such a fine work. He became a best-selling mystery writer, directed some short films, and has written screenplays. Trench Warfare. He died on March 2, Out of a huge corpus of accomplished writings, I have two novels of his to briefly review.

People view him as having become a bit of a "simpleton," and it's true that he has become a lesser person since the accidents-- hasn't led expeditions or climbed for years. Then a plane crashes in snow and ice on the mountain, and shortly thereafter, the town's leading guide dies in a rescue mission. He knows Marcellin's motive is immoral: he wants to search the plane for gold, or money that can be picked off the bodies of the dead. The other book, Le bruit solitaire du coeur , apparently had as a model Henri Troyat's father, and is really quite excellent.

It is an unheroic book--unlike La neige en deuil -- but in its own way, quite good. The book is without the external adventure, i.

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If play of mind and the humdrum of daily existence is essentially the offered fare here, it is, through the richness and beauty of the author's perceptions and the depth of his own humanity, more than enough! She was born in Kiev in to a wealthy banking family, achieved her first success with the novel David Golder, published when she was BookBrowse has a bio that provides some of the relevant facts about her life.

They note how she had converted from Judaism to Catholicism in which was not enough to suit the Nazi mania for extermination of all people with any Jewish bloodlines. It won Le Prix Renaudot for This book was short in comparison to Ms. Now Le Silence de la Mer is a book of short stories, one of which goes by the title of the volume. That story tells about a boy, Thomas Muritz modeled after Vercors' father, Louis Bruller , who immigrated to France because as a child he'd idealized it exultantly, passionately, fell in love with it as he never could with anything or anyone else, later, became a self-made giant in France, only to be in the end betrayed because of his religion, or at least, the Jewish part of his family bloodline.

Of course, from the Hell of the Nazi occupation, and the context of those who were collaborators, Vercors was asking if France was worthy of Thomas' love? The image of the Romain Gary statue in Vilnius was bronze statue by Lithuanian artist Romas Kvintas on the street where Roman Gary , novelist, film director, world war II pilot and diplomat lived as a child. It depicts a boy clasping a galosh, a reference to the author's work, La promesse de l'aube Promise at Dawn. The image was taken in by Alma Pater, and released into the public domain. Similary, the drawing by A.

Leroux, and engraving by G.

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Lemoine was for Maupassant's book, Une Vie and is now in the public domain. The image of the six panel Japanese screen byoubu from the 17th century is a contribution of Kasihin, who has consented to its use for any purpose. The Go Image is by decent-exposure on flickr, and is of a position in a famous Go game. There is permission for its use.

The memorial for the Tiananmen Square victims in Wroclow, Poland, has been released by the photographer, Julio, and is now in the public domain. Jews were forced to wear a yellow badge-star to identify themselves in Nazi German. This image can be used for text based work. See license. The Prix Goncourt is France's most prestigious literary prize , and has been awarded since Also, here is a fascinating Wikipedia discussion of Romain Gary.

Instead, someone apparently from Nothomb's publishing house had written a long letter to the President of the Goncourt jury, and suggested that the prize would be discredited if it were not awarded to Nothomb. Maybe Thomas is alive? Maybe he's a robot too? Yes, daddy wants to make sure that his little girl doesn't marry the wrong man. If there's a chance that Thomas if he's still alive, in some form Of course, there are hurdles all along the way, but dad's a real fixer, and despite the far-flung locales and constant movement -- characters travel, or are on their way to, Rome! New York!

Yes, Levy tries to maintain suspense -- throwing in a variety of obstacles and unhelpful associates, but fate has predetermined all outcomes and so there's nowhere for this book to go but to its painfully obvious conclusion. Levy is not without talent: yes, he relies almost entirely on relentless movement to keep the novel moving, but it's just enough to drag the reader along. Flashbacks to , the occasional flaming-up eruption from Stanley, and a bit of suspense about whether the dad-machine will stand up to all the rigors help keep up some tension.

Regrettably, Levy doesn't do relationships very well -- the most convincing one is Julia's with the most fake of all the characters, Stanley -- and neither her romantic entanglements, with either the completely sidelined Adam or teen-love Thomas back in '89 , nor her complicated relationship with her father are explored in any thorough or convincing way. There's far too much romance-novel-platitude here, and so the novel doesn't rise up above breezy schlock.

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The audacity of the premise -- dead dad is back, even if only as a machine, and only for the week -- is intriguing enough, but Levy does far too little with any aspect of it indeed, even -- or especially: 'all those things we never said' remain largely unsaid even with this opportunity. The manipulations of the controlling father Julia complains about him earlier in her life: "you were far too present.

Just not in person" , and Julia's unwillingness to communicate in any meaningful way with those she is supposedly closest to the various men in her life also makes for two rather unsympathetic characters, in whose fates inevitable as they are, in any case The lightest of reads, readily disposable -- and certainly dispensable. Orthofer , 30 April Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Contents: Main. Toutes ces choses qu'on ne s'est pas dites - Canada. Toutes ces choses qu'on ne s'est pas dites - France.