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Although this Tubby's version has never been released, "Nothing Don't Come Easy" ended up being a big hit at Jammys and still been praised today. It's the mid 80's interpretation of 70's roots reggae atmosphere. Hats off to the King!

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Companion 45 to the forthcoming unreleased LP of L. We transferred all of larombes tapes in Holywood and pulled sa ton of Amazing track starting with this the original full-length masters of Modern Soul Grail 'You're The Best' Running an extra one and a half mins flipped with a previously unreleased track 'Train Of Thought. You know the score, 6k for an OG. Get On To The Beach.

Their first EP has been issued for a very limited quantity on 10 inch records for the Record Store Day and will be available in France's bests record shops on April 13th. Singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Desmond Coke's supremely rare, privately pressed, lo-fi, synth-soul fusion, Let's Chase The Sun is represented here in edited form.

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Painstakingly remastered from the original tapes, this self taught pianist, drummer and sax player condensed his musical experiences and dreams in to an opus on love and togetherness. With an interest in reggae, dub, jazz, soul, meringue, gospel and garage, his sole album was a true fusion to create a brand new sound.

Pressed on his own Saterlite Entertainments in , Coke describes the album's purpose, "to get the message across to have focus, ambition, to dream and 'chase the sun'. That relationships are important, 'I need somebody' and naturally the chemistry is 'you and me'. Great relationships are about friendships and that it's ok to 'mesmerise a friend'. The most natural thing is to enjoy each other's company and to 'make a love child'. These good intentions and meanings, where love is the key.

Pressure Sounds has thankfully made such a move away from the tired Record Store Day formula, to release a funk-alicious reggae box - for sale in Record Shops, at sometime near the end of April: Five stonking 7" from the house of Herman Chin-Loy. Pressure Sounds' screen-printer has gone into overdrive on this package, embellishing the box itself, also an enclosed poster, and a towel tea towel to you.

All this handiwork, and killer-no-filler sounds justifies the eye-watering price, there won't be many available, so get them while you can. Washing the dishes will never be the same. The music of Chel White is celebrated in Automaton, a collection of mostly unreleased recordings from to , by this innovative animator, film maker and visual artist. Here their experimentation went way beyond playing drums.

His interest in industrial music, fostered in the late '70s and early '80s while working in factories as a way to put himself through college, informed his use of electronic instruments, tape manipulation, noise and unconventional percussion. By , as a now solo artist buoyed by newly affordable audio sampling technology, White tapped into his earlier teenage fascination with the art and films of both the Surrealist and Dada movements - in particular their disparate and fragmented imagery and sound - as a means to create striking new sonic palettes.

Fantastic third release Deep in the dancefloor! Hyperjazz Records is the product of the ever-changing language that is modern music, of its frantic and unrestrained evolution. A crossroads between past and present, and where jazz attitude meets new sounds and aesthetics.

HJ is the brainchild of Raffaele Costantino, known internationally for his meteoric rise under the moniker DJ Khalab, but known also for being a committed exponent of black and electronic music in his own country. Seven instrumental tracks, tight and essential, which bring into sharp focus the talent and versatility of one of recent years' most interesting groups in the jazz, hip-hop, and alternative-rock scenes. The new project by the trio, which is one third English and two thirds Italian, formed by Charlie Stacey piano, fender rhodes, synthesizer , David Paulis double-bass and Enrico Truzzi drums , dismantles jazz's traditional rules, absorbs influences and contemporary sounds and portrays with lucid irony the contradictions and conflicts of our times.

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This record comes two years after their debut Metempsychosis, and solidifies Phresoul's sound, where noise-rock improvisations coexist with neo-psychedelia, abstract hip-hop and space-jazz. Just like in 'Monitor Lizard,' a syncopated piece which introduces us with immediacy to an energetic jazz interference, able to capture a single moment, moving as rapidly as a reptile, never in straight lines.

The melancholy beats of 'Institutional Violence' punctuate the piano's melody, which slowly transforms into synth and the futuristic slow-funk of 'Sphere Alliance,' anticipating the accelerated beginnings and pauses of 'Lithium,' an undoubtedly hip-hop jazz 3. The liquid atmospheres and irregular drumming of 'Hipster Antichrist' bring to a close with amused hysteria this rhythmic ellipsis which looks at the West with melancholy and little confidence 'Trump-Pence'. The tension built by the continuous changes in rhythm is released in the torrential 'Blended Family,' in which Stacey's keys progressively conquer space between the noise-guitar and the powerful and irregular beats of drum'n'bass, for an epilogue to a fresh and original record that is inspired equally in its inception and its execution.

Zimmer's new EP Ceremony unveils the hidden, more melancholic and darker side of the Parisian producer. Inspired by his personal experiences, his multiple trips around the world and driven by the desire to pay tribute to his astrophysicist father, Zimmer explores a broader musical spectrum, navigating between dreamy downtempo and straight up danceloor house. This new record starts Lost Your Mind, carried by the angel like voice of Fhin and a solar guitar. Ceremony ends on Fire, a slo mo number washed out by celestial keyboards and a beautiful steel drum melody.

Lost Your Mind is now available. Following the release of his Ceremony EP on Roche Musique last December, Zimmer reached out to some of his favorites producers for remixes. Roche Musique staple artiste Kartell opens up the release with a slow and majestic rework of Lost Your Mind. Subtle harmonies and celestial keys enlighten the original with a particular sweetness and melancholia.

Marcel Proust, 1. Du côté de chez Swann, Première partie : COMBRAY, À la recherche du temps perdu

If the Roche Musique sound had to be definited into one track, this could be it. The german producer delivers an experimental deep house remix, his trademark dreamy and organic sound working wonders with Fhin's etheral vocal and guitar. Dark and thunderous, the track pays tribute to the original's breakdown then evolves into a totally different beast. Finally, Polocorp flips Fire into a breezy and aquatic tune. Blending lush pads, mallets and futuristic synths, the remix is a masterpiece in non- cheesy tropical music.

Highly sought after double A-sided female rocksteady vocals. On flip side is another popular female vocal tune by Dian Lawrence that was also covered by Norma Frazer for Studio One. Glen Brown pleasantly covering the familiar Beatles classic not to mention stunning arrangement by Bunny Lee. Backed with popular female rocksteady vocal. This happens to be her last ever recording, riding on funky Side Walk Doctor rhythm led by Jackie Mittoo. Mastered and cut by Moritz Von Oswald. Record Store Day , debut release on KingUnderground. Edition of B's but with a touch of krautrock, think 'Can' and some other flavours.

Recorded live, in one take, a quiet storm on both sides of the 45 - some calm heat vibes on side A and lifted saxophone 'Sade'-ish vibes on the back. Their music crosses a lot of genres: deep funk; lowrider soul; psychedelic rock; and exotic music. With 45's released on numerous labels, 'Funk Night', 'Ubiquity', 'Spasibo Records' and a bunch of others, they have grown a loyal fanbase worldwide and have been doing shows in Europe, the US, the Middle East and all over the Russia. Triad God returns with his 2nd LP hak- se -wu Triad, spoken word raps in Vinh Ngans native Catonese narrate and homage the descent to the underworld through a backdrop of Palmistry's productions.

Limited edition vinyl. Includes A2 poster and download card. Since his songs feature the rarefied production of Palmistry, the London based vocalist and producer currently signed with Mixpak. His awaited return expands on the unique atmosphere of the project, and its encrypted, solo journey under the surface of reality. Includes 3D artwork and glasses, Insert, and download card. Artwork by Luke Insect.

Between french-pop and electro-funk, "Vive le vent EP" is a 5-track UFO featuring for the first time french vocals over Leopard's groovy instrumentals. The flip features two versions of 'Public Beach', a communal ecstatic dance meets Detroit Jit footwork cut with a massive bassline, pulsing percussion, and harmonized chanting, constructed for open-minded dance floors and deejays. Limited to vinyl, TIP! The make this release extra special, we have individually numbered copies only and album will be issued on original Uno Melodic label art.

Killer re-release of this essential Black Ark classic. All the hallmarks of the best period mid 70s Black Ark studio on this single. Leo Graham had sung with the Bleechers, and he cut a variety of material for the producer. None better than this. Comes in a hand stamped bag. Includes Cover Versions take Five! Among them some of the yesterday and today's most talented musicians and singers of the folk-pop-experimental scene. This handprinted album comes randomly in six different colored cardboard featuring one of six Devendra's drawing.

Floating Points is such a good fit for Late Night Tales that it's kind of surprising that this album didn't come around sooner. The artist known to his friends as Sam Shepherd doesn't disappoint here, and drops a personal collection of global soul, ambient, jazz, and folk treasures, aimed to reflect the stillness of night.

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Floating Points'—real name Sam Shepherd—music taste is tricky to define, ranging from ethereal classical at one end to coruscating techno at the other. Similarly, his production career has ranged from early experiments in dance music with breakout records such as the Shadows EP and collaborating with legendary Gnawa master Mahmoud Guinia to his expansive album Elaenia.

This Late Night Tales excursion into the depths of the evening is said to reflect his broad tastes. We only produced copies, firstly sold at the show, the rest of which are now available here on a first come first serve basis The soundtrack succeeds as a coherent, moving, well-executed musical statement whether or not has seen the film. The album is a combination of folk instruments, Eastern-tinged harmonics, solo, and choral voices.

Debney has used the Indian master violinist and vocalist L. Debney's soundtrack is an interesting and highly recommended work. It will offer those who choose to encounter it a far-reaching and deeply affective listening experience that is as aesthetically beautiful and unsetting as it is evocatively familiar. Available as a limited 15th anniversary edition of individually numbered copies on transparent red vinyl.

Japanese edits at its finest, blended with an obscure b-sider. Limited copies of gray colored vinyl. Repress of the infamous 7" from Super tough, hard rocking reworks from Detroit's own Pontchartrain. This is the best sounding 7" we've ever heard. Even with an aesthetic steeped in the golden, strings-infused dreaminess of early 70s soul, the Indications' sophomore album, 'American Love Call', is planted firmly in the present, with the urgency of this moment in time.

The Indications' self-titled debut was the product of friends who met as students at Indiana University in Bloomington, In. But this is what God is telling me to do - move and groove. So I'm gonna stay in my lane. Adele Sebastian was an Afro American jazz flutist and singer, active from the early 70s when she was still a teenager until her untimely death at the age of 27! In fact she had been depending on monthly dialysis to stay alive for years. She lived through and for the music and you can hear it on her only solo album 'Desert Fairy Princess' which was first issued in The mostly acoustic instrumentation brings a very natural and therefore rather retrospective sound considering the year the album was recorded.

Adele and her band pull it off right from the start as if it had been and it was time for a revolution to shake the dust from the old time jazz. In a perfect way she mixes classic American vocal jazz elements with playful and more free passages, Latin music and tribal African sounds in the lengthy and quite rhythm oriented 'Man From Tanganyika' and makes the title track start with a mystical 'Allahu akbar' chant while it turns more and more into a dark and gloomy song with something like a psychedelic edge reminiscent of Pharoah Sanders on his early works. Wild rhythms from drums, percussions with tons of bells and chimes weave a thick groove carpet and conjure a magical atmosphere.

Those jazz aficionados who love the mid 60s John Coltrane, his sidekick Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane will go crazy for this album. Mellow synth pads combined with jazzy piano and vintage keys, underpin Beat Ride's jazzy vocals, building up to a crescendo of trumpets and strings. Shadow Or Not undeniably delivers pure cinematic atmosphere. When you are a little girl and the huge present placed in front you turns out to be a piano, the possible reactions are 3. A Terror, clearly. You start screaming in a mixture of fear and disappointment for the present.

A doll, maybe two or even 50 of them would be a cheaper and more practical solution. B You ignore it. You give it the cold shoulder, hurting and surprising the Magi with the Piano in the room. If its in your blood, you become a musician. With not much thought. This way you ll turn the givers to Prophets for sure. Helen Papalitsa or Lou, belongs to the 3rd category.

A piano fell suddenly in front of her, while at a tender age. She turned it into furniture, she turned it into a safety valve for her anger and her overflowing energy. In the end this became her favourite playground. Of course, this could only be a give and take relationship. The piano bewitched the little girl, so together they ve spend years and years studying and practicing. From Athens to Corfu, from Corfu to Helsinki, from soul to jazz and then into the magic world of electronic sound. A long journey for a young and determined to succeed girl.

The result curries her name, Lou. Her debut album that describes her way to adult life while struggling to retain the excitement and naivety that describe her. Each track, one at least of the intense sentimental situations that she had to face during the last 2 years. Her return to Athens and her new beginning. True love, fake love, small revolutions. Thoughts on paper converted into sounds, often while being in her room, or inside the studio of the infamous Lefteris Kalabakas.

Lou chooses to speak through a pop version of electronic music and her playful voice. In moments, her jazz background cant be hidden, nor does her need to skip the usual rules and forms, leading to really successful improvisations. Words can hardly describe in detail all those that the need on the record will reveal. Lou will soon be in the selves of the record stores through Klik records. Be sure to keep an eye on this one. Now the label is starting a new series of releases that celebrates classic tracks by giving them a fresh vinyl outing.

The first release in this series comes from two artists who need little introduction. This mix took the reggae-esque original into a funky, organ lead house anthem with a rolling bassline. Turn over to the B-Side and you'll find the unmistakable vocal of Alana, recurrent collaborator with MK. Two incredible records in one convenient 12' package.

One of the highlights of the 70s Black Ark era now finally available again on 12". The album is a collection of jazz inspired, hip hop instrumentals with MPC drums and live instrumentation. Simiah is well known for his live double MPC show cases and has performed alongside other live musicians so this new project is like a studio album of what he does naturally on stage. The unique sound has been developed through a monthly residency at Bristol's Gallimaufry bar where the band has improvised new material and fine-tuned ongoing compositions while welcoming special guests from the local jazz scene to sit in.

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Stalwarts of the burgeoning Speedy-haven Brixton Windmill scene, they formed out of the ashes of a previous project in the Summer of with influences including Shellac, Oxbow and Georgia's experiences in Klezmer groups. After hearing a few practice-room demos and live video footage online, Speedy's Pierre Hall saw one of their shows at London's Moth Club. Every song twisted and turned in ways you didn't expect, and lyrically, Isaac had this whole The Fall meets William Burroughs cut-ups thing going on, the lyrics seemed to tumble out of him - but they were clever and acerbic in equal measure.

It was captivating to watch. The resulting track is a journey in itself. Detailing 'a spectacular return to bad form; a romantic encounter; and a chronic fear of intercourse' - it changes direction at every corner with a vocal delivery that sounds like Steve Albini meets Jarvis Cocker. That urgency is captured in the delivery, a snapshot of a new and exciting band in the here and now. Via Streatham. Emotional Rescue returns to the music of British "pop" band Furniture, with an EP of the band's own extended versions, remixes and unreleased takes of their particular output.

The subsequent broadening of their line-up and sound meant they could start to address the kind of pop music they wanted to play. After the early releases garneered radio play and reviews, Furniture were launched into the melee of '80s pop. An anomaly, the band found they attracted a specific kind of "intense" follower, who were often beguiled by Furniture's freaky normality. This was addressed on the release, 'I Can't Crack'.

A more urgent version of the sound Furniture had debuted with 'Why Are We In Love', the track, sung by Tim, was based around a sequencer-like rhythm played live by drummer Hamilton Lee, and a clarinet part played by Tim's brother, Larry Whelan. A mix of bleakness and euphoria, the song was and is a favourite of the band and considered one of their best self-productions, as well as becoming a latter day club play.

This is followed by the studio experiment 'Throw Away The Script', where the band wrestled with sequencers and synth-pop, but then countered it with a free-jazz sax solo. Found on the flip of the double A -side of 'Love Your Shoes' 12", this instrumental version too became an underground club hit, including a cult play at Fran Lenaer's influential Valencia club, Spook Factory.

Played loud, the studio mastery, trickery and oft-accidental discoveries come to the fore, with tissue-damaging frequencies giving extra sound system shaking bottom end.

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  • Co-produced with Tim Parry formerly of Blue Zoo , they threw everything at these 12" versions. Able to relax and focus on the sounds they really liked, rather than the ones thought more commercial, this can be clearly heard on this compelling, percussive mix, a stop-start breakdown becoming a band hallmark. To close this collection is the mammoth 'Bullet'. Again sung by Whelan, an edited version of which debuted on the Survival compilation of Furniture tracks called 'The Lovemongers', here this previously unreleased original take is centred on a mesmeric tape loop, live drums and a guest appearance by violinist Helena Bjorelius.

    The album was recorded in Copenhagen in September of Originally issued by the Freedom label, it also been released under an alternate title, Ghosts. Previously out of print for decades, the recordings were remastered for an audiophile-grade pressing on gram vinyl at Pallas in Germany. His tenor saxophone playing has earned him royal status amongst free jazz players, critics and collectors. Once completing high school Sanders quickly packed his belongings and headed to Oakland, where he got a chance to work with musicians of high caliber such as saxophone players Sonny Simmons and Dewey Redman who were both later to be major forces in new jazz and free jazz.

    Soon the young Pharoah would meet John Coltrane and would feel being attracted to the life as a professional musician. By the early sixties Sanders moved to New York where the major jazz scene was happening. Here he'd spent most his time honing his skills at rehearsals with Sun Ra The records Pharoah Sanders played on for Coltrane laid the foundation of what was to come for both the world of free jazz and for Sanders as a musician. Along with musicians Alice Coltrane and singer Leon Thomas, Sanders helped to create the genre of spiritual jazz.

    Muhammad brings his trademark tight sense of timekeeping, but with a looseness that we love - and Lundy's warm soulful bass does more than enough to give the set a sound bottom- all this while Hick's free lyrical piano works nicely with Sander's spiritual horn. The music here is less ornamented than on most of Sanders' studio recordings, where sextets, septets or larger lineups have been the norm, but this brilliant effort here remains every bit as compelling.

    Pharoah and his crew play with the utmost sensitivity and give a demonstration that shows us the full extent of their skills. Available as a deluxe g 2XLP set, with TWO bonus tracks from the same session that were not featured on the original vinyl release.

    A popular fixture on the international Rock n Roll circuit and much to the delight of music lovers throughout the world , singer Mike Bell is making his modern pop debut. On this record, Mr. Bell sing about love and heartache to a beat that is sure to make you swing and sway with your special someone. So, put the needle in the groove Tommy Guerrero is a Legend. A true activist, a pioneer, since the early 80's he contributed to bring skateboard culture to today's global inspiration. He mixed both his passions, music and skateboard to write his unique story.

    Ed Banger records' owner Pedro Winter who followed Guerrero's career since was dreaming of a collaboration with Tommy. He asked the multi task skater to dig into his cassette tapes and trip with his drum machines. A way to push the artist to produce some more repetitive and minimal tracks. Tommy Guerrero offers 5 tracks to Ed Banger records.

    Mixing post-industrial noise, dub echoes and folky routines. TG signs a one of a kind record, full of human emotions mixed with computerized beats. To complete this EP, another multi task artist came on board. Trevor Jackson known for his undisputed contribution to Dance Music. Plasmatics were founded in when Wendy O. Williams responded to manager, artist, provocateur, and punk rock scenester Rod Swenson's casting call in the pages of Show Business Weekly for his theater show, Captain Kink's Sex Fantasy Theater. By they had recruited a full band and were performing regularly at CBGB's, where they quickly rose from playing once a week to performing two sold out shows a night during regular four night a week runs.

    Their provocative and wild live show - which often involved nudity and chain-sawed guitars - bridged the gap between punk rock and performance art. They quickly became notorious up and down the east coast and were signed to the legendary Stiff Records, who released their debut album in A perfect blend of punk, new wave, and metal sensibilities, with Wendy's tough, guttural drawl taking center stage, New Hope for the Wretched is a classic piece of first wave New York City punk rock lovingly back in print on LP from Radiation Reissues.

    Released in this recording is a unique and beautifully crafted album combining hip hop, funk and synth elements with a pulsating Japanese sensibility Hoodoo Fushimi's masterpiece recording has stood the test of time gaining a cult following along the way and we're honored to be reissuing this important recording in the Japanese musical lexicon. The young virtuoso producer Prins Emanuel follows up his acclaimed debut album on Music For Dreams with something quite different than what we're used to hearing from him.

    Steering away from his comfort zone, the Prins follows his intuition for experimentation and lands somewhere in a field of genre-defiant folk-jazz meditations; a development that fits like hand in glove for the eccentric nature of Music For Dreams. The album reads like a soundtrack to the country house Emanuel shares with his family and friends, a place on the map called Oran. This place encompasses the whole of the album, as the track titles all pinpoint crucial locations on the courtyard and its surroundings.

    While the nature here is anything but balearic, the overwhelming calm of the country life seems to inspire the same laid back attitude and passion for all things organic and not just musically, as this is where Emanuel also makes cider from local apples according to the vin naturel school. Upon listening to Diagonal Musik one might be keen to draw references to works in similar style, such as the output of late 80's new age label Windham Hill or the dreamy lullabies of long-time friend and Music For Dreams affiliate 55 Cancri e.

    This is all circumstantial however, surprising as it may seem. While Prins Emanuel's previous output has showcased a versatile mixture of styles all relying on a multi-instrumentalist approach, the idea to limit his use to only one instrument for a concept album has been lingering on his mind for some time. The fact that the acoustic guitar is one of the most recognisable instruments in Western musical history will surely open up for a myriad of associations, but this has little to do with the methods behind this album. Functioning as a kind of tabula rasa, Emanuel would only let the instrument itself act as his guide towards the outcome of these songs.

    The title of the album in turn refers to the quite avant garde method of composing he developed to lead the way forward. Instead of employing a traditional song structure, the diagonal approach would entail that if started at one point he would then go directly to the farthest point in the process. Something akin to drawing only shadows and then finishing with the contours. Whether or not this experimental aspect of the album is a key factor to understanding and appreciating it is entirely up to the listener however. While it may be diagonal music, it is also just simply beautiful music.

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    Pop World Music. The property can accommodate up to 6 people with wellness areas for each room. Right next to the apartment and on the landing, you have a laundry room with a washing machine and clothes dryers. If you wish, I put at your disposal 1 baby fully equipped on request. In the city center. A minute walk of the city. Animaux Admis.

    Monoprix, Carrefour, boulangerie, tous commerces Distance du lac : 8,6 Km. Distance de la mer : 78 Km. Le stationnement se fait au pied de l'immeuble gratuitement. Avec cet appartement vous disposerez d'un grand balcon avec salon de jardin. Le jardin privatif est clos et dispose d'un barbecue! Bref, vous profiterez pleinement de Carcassonne Ce quartier est un des plus beaux et des plus anciens de la ville. Show all. Popular homes. La Bastide est le centre ville de Carcassonne. En juillet vous pourrez profiter des diverses manifestations culturelles dans le cadre du festival off.

    Vue panoramique au coeur de la Bastide. Appartement cosy 70m2 - Carcassonne. Une salle de bain avec double vasque. T4 moderne et lumineux avec piscine. Le premier panier de bois vous est offert. Maison au calme, piscine, barbecue 3km commerces. Soyez les bienvenus dans notre spacieuse et confortable maison de ville! You will stay in Square Gambetta, ideally located 10 minutes walk from the medieval city and 5 minutes from the city center, free parking 20 meters or fee in front.

    Easy access by train, plane.. Sheets and towels provided, kitchen. Wifi internet also provided. Large apartment of very spacious character with beautiful volumes where it feels like home. Opportunity to go to the municipal pool along the banks of the Aude quietly. Near the main monuments of the city, you can come: By train, 10 minutes walk from the station taking the pedestrian streets that make you already on vacation. By plane, a free shuttle departs every 20 minutes from the airport and drops you off 20 meters from the apartment. By car that you will ask during your stay without touching it because everything can do it on foot!

    Possibility to rent an additional apartment next door with more beds. Contact us for more informations. The apartment is in a building of character typical of the city of Carcassonne. Ideally located you can enjoy the city and the city on foot. Every Saturday morning you can visit the local farmers market in the city center, a 5-minute walk away. You can also stroll along the banks of the Canal du Midi 10 minutes from the apartment. Large apartment of character with exterior. The apartment has a well equipped kitchen and a spacious private south facing Terrace.

    Prices quoted are all-inclusive. Close to parking, markets, theatres and restaurants. Close to the city, this duplex offers a bright and spacious comfort. Decorated in vintage style, has some cachet in combining modern and ancien. A beautiful harmony between the 17th Annual charm and contemporary. Housing of 80 m2, very luminous and in peace because giving on courtyards.

    On the first level: living room, dining room and open kitchen on 45 m2. A corridor gives access to the bathroom, the toilet privative. In the prolongation of the living room a door gives access to a big room and a dressing. At the second level you will find a very large attic room of 25 m2 with its sitting area and a space for making tea or coffee. Comes a third bedroom with 2 twin beds and its sofa with also a large dressing room.

    Additional sheets can be provided at an additional cost. Extra towels and sheets can be provided at an additional cost. Only the fresh products you can provide on the Place Carnot 20 meters or Monoprix in the rue Georges Clemenceau. It is a large apartment spread over two levels first, second and last floor. All the floors are in old parquets, the cupboards are in alcove and the height under ceiling will give you all the character of this old building of the 17th century.

    It is very calm and luminous, you will find by entering a large living room open on the living room with two large sofas, dining room and kitchen with all the comforts of a well equipped kitchen dishwasher, oven, A large bedroom with wooden floor, fireplace and dressing room. A large bathroom is contiguous to the room to be lived by a small corridor of access always at The elegant corner bath with shower, washbasin and separate WC will seduce you.

    Next, a second spacious bedroom with a second dressing room, accommodates two single beds. This configuration offers the possibility, especially for two couples, to benefit from two large spaces of comfort and privacy or the realm of children. The property boasts high ceilings, vitrified wooden floors, marble fireplaces and a wealth of character.

    It has two double bedrooms, one located on the first floor and one on the second floor. The property can accommodate up to 6 people with wellness areas for each room. Right next to the apartment and on the landing, you have a laundry room with a washing machine and clothes dryers. If you wish, I put at your disposal 1 baby fully equipped on request. In the city center. A minute walk of the city.

    Ainsi, vous serez accueillis dans un environnement calme, mais surtout chaleureux. Appartement cosy 70m2 - Carcassonne. I can speak English or try. Transportez-vous dans la rue principale de Carcassonne et franchissez les portes de l'appartement. Ce sont les derniers vestiges d'une des portes de la ville. Appartement de 40m2 tout confort en centre ville. En centre ville! Il est escamotable pour un gain de place! Free car park!

    Renovated in an old style with floor-tiles on the ground, equipped with a modern bathroom and a comfortable shower. To sleep, you have a real comfortable 2 people bed. It is foldaway for a saving of space! You also have a small sofa ready for 2 children or small people. The kitchen is fully-equipped! There are many of historic and natural sites to visiting in the region! For your evaluation, you know that for Airbnb 3 stars is a very bad experience! My announcement is suspended then automatically!! For my part I am against a horrible society which notes the people I always puts 5 stars to the travelers.

    The housework is made between every tenant, blow of vacuum cleaner, bathroom and kitchen polished. Sheets and towels washed in the organic washing powder and changed after every passage. Of more the apartment is cleaned in depth every 3 weeks. Thank you for making places clean. Merci ; If you need something don't hesitate. It is useless to complain after your stay, ask me please if you miss something. El edificio es antiguo.

    El edificio data del 18 siecle. Para dormir, usted tiene una verdadera cama por dos personas.