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This Is The Number Of Secrets The Average Human Can Actually Keep, According To Science

Post Secret is one example; people have been writing their secrets on postcards and sending them in since the site launched in Or you can admit your deepest, darkest of secrets on this Reddit forum. Everyone has secrets. It makes you human.

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The benefits of being trusted

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The Danger of Keeping Secrets | Psychology Today

She can be super helpful by playing your wing woman with no judgments attached. It's annoying AF, and you need to tell someone about all of your Tinder date horror stories. Your bestie will offer some words of wisdom, tell you the guy is a total jerk who doesn't deserve you, and you can vent about the frustrating online dating world together. You wouldn't hand out this privileged information to just anyone, but you need your BFF to be caught up on the newest season of Stranger Things so you can talk about it together.

Friends - Funny Secrets (HQ)

You know she wouldn't abuse the gift you're giving her. She also won't make fun of your recently watched shows or the embarrassing password you made up in high school that you still use on the regular.

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We all have people who we tolerate. That person could be the annoying coworker you have to get along with, or that friend in the group who you just don't get along with, but she's part of the crew. You can confess to your BFF who it is you don't particularly care for. She may end up confessing the same.

Should family secrets remain hidden?

We all have stories from our childhood that are downright hilarious, but we don't want everyone to know about them. We've been itching to tell someone, but first, we want to make absolutely sure the person we tell these stories to will not judge us now for how weird we were back then.

Your bestie is the only person you can trust, so clue her in. If you go days without showering, you can certainly tell your BFF and know she won't judge you for it.

"secret" in American English

You also let her know how long it's been since you shaved your legs or washed your favorite pair of jeans. She honestly knows all about your hygiene.

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When you're in an interview and are asked what your dream job is, you may say something that sounds practical and attainable. But in reality, you might want to say an astronaut or a Quidditch player. You know, the real dreams.