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I liked Grace' strength, she hadn't had a lot of luck in her life, The romance scenes were very nicely written, they were very tender and loving, and the story came to a very satisfying conclusion at the end. A great read.

The Wicked Widow Meets Her Match: Regency Rogues Book 6

I received a free copy of this book from Edelwiess in exchange for an honest review Apr 01, Ronda Blanke Geiger rated it it was amazing. Loved this book! Great characters and storyline. I can't wait to read more by Ms. Mar 17, Tin rated it liked it Shelves: Yes, this is an honest review. It was a curious case: a locked room scenario -- and hints that the motive for this crime ran deeper and had a farthe Disclosure: I received this ARC via Edelweiss.

It was a curious case: a locked room scenario -- and hints that the motive for this crime ran deeper and had a farther reach than any of the children could have imagined. As the investigation continued, more clues were unearthed and it was finally concluded that a dangerous gang known as the Kingsmen were involved. Then Stefanie Sloane picks up the momentum when focus shifts to the Kingsmen and how truly nefarious an organisation it was -- I loved reading about the structure of this criminal syndicate and was fascinated by its inner workings.

Then you have the three Young Corinthians involved who, together with their childhood friend, Sophia, had been the first at the scene of the crime -- it was a moment that changed their lives forever. Finally, all would be revealed in this book, Langdon's story and there were three reasons why I was looking forward to reading this: 1.

I wanted to find out who killed Sophia's mother. I wanted to see how the problem of the Kingsmen would be resolved. After being "jilted" by Sophia in favour of his own brother , I wanted to read Langdon's happy ending. After the novel opens with Grace and the murder of her husband by the Kingsmen, it is followed by a rather long and very detailed summary of what has happened so far.

It's understandable why the author decided to do this, considering that it's been more than a year between the last book and this one -- still, I'm not a fan of the idea of an info dump, especially at the beginning of a much-awaited story. The story finally becomes interesting when Langdon is tasked to make contact with Grace Crowther, the widow of Dr. Rupert Crowther, a suspected Kingsmen. She "witnessed" her husband's death and has been in hiding from the Kingsmen since then. What baffles the Young Corinthians is what the Kingsmen would want from Grace, who, from the reports they've gathered, lived a quiet, withdrawn life and had no connection to her husband's dealings with the gang.

Grace has a very tragic backstory: she was gambled away by her father a duke in a game of cards and it was the doctor who won her in that game. From then, her life turned from bad to worse with the doctor being just as uncaring and abusive as her own father -- add to that her ruined reputation and the shame of her fall from society. But Grace has managed to make the best of her life: cultivating a group of trusted friends and saving what little she has in hopes of, one day, escaping from this life.

Grace had done many things differently when she first came to 3 Bedford Street. She'd still been nothing more than an optimistic, foolish girl, full of hope for her future despite all that had transpired. Yes, hers had been a childhood filled with the unpleasant effects of a father too fond of drink and gambling. And it was true he'd offered her up in a game of cards after spending every last coin he had, only to lose. Still, Grace had held tight to her hope, believing the doctor could be a kind, caring man underneath his cold, leering facade. She'd been proven wrong, of course, many times.

First, Grace is newly-widowed only three weeks. I know it could be justified that her husband was not a kind man and theirs was not a happy marriage etc. Second, the attraction seems to only be physical. It is Grace's beauty that draws Langdon in -- although Langdon does talk about how strong and amazing Grace is and how much he admires her for what she has gone through. There's just something a bit I especially wondered about the third point. It's a relationship based on a lie and I can't help but feel disappointed about this fact: I know that Langdon needed to get close to the Kingsmen and Grace was the key, but: 1.

Given that Langdon is a peer, wouldn't the Kingsmen have known who he was? Given that Grace is the daughter of a duke, wouldn't she know who Langdon was? Couldn't anyone have investigated if the Hills Crossing gang really exist in Liverpool? I felt sorry for Grace, who is trusting Langdon with her life and her future -- and she has no clue that he lied about who he was. I know that Langdon's alter-ego is meant to be an added layer and complication to his relationship with Grace: how could she love another criminal?

How different would Langdon be from her late husband? There's a very convenient conversation between Grace and Mrs. Templeton wherein they try to justify the attraction in Chapter For all of the questions in this novel, there are very brilliant moments in this story: the presence of the Queen in the Kingsmen and the introduction of Marcus Mitchell. In my humble opinion, Marcus steals the show. A lawyer who is bound by a debt to serve the Kingsmen -- and he happens to be an expert marksman and a good friend to Grace.

His character and backstory are very compelling and I would love, love, love to read more about him. In truth, his scenes were the best written in this particular story. He was counting the days until he had paid off a debt he owed to the gang and then he would leave the city, bound for America, where he would be able to practice law without the threat of retaliation and a damaged reputation lingering in the air. They were two of a kind. And when he'd told her that the Kind would not let him go, Grace had cried for him -- and for herself, too.

As I've mentioned earlier, I love the idea of the Kingsmen and I also love that Sloane uses chess as the metaphor for this organisation. I love the idea of the Queen, whom outsiders would think serves a supporting role to the King, but, in reality, the Queen is the most powerful and most versatile piece on the board. I'm trying to imagine how the series would be if her character was introduced earlier maybe in book 2 or 3 but I also appreciate the plot twist it presents in Langdon's story.

While this was not my favourite romance story in the series, Langdon's book does what it was intended to do: resolve everything that was unresolved in the previous stories. I was satisfied with how Sloane solved the mystery of Sophia's mother's murder and enjoyed how Langdon and the Young Corinthians dismantled the Kingsmen.

My favourite scene in the book?

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Clark," she said firmly, watching as he stood upright and turned around. Clark," Grace told him. Interesting and delightful It's rather different for love and the proposal to come so early in the story that I wasn't sure what to expect for the rest of it. However, it's a sign of a great writer to be able to overcome that expectation and hesitancy, leaving you engrossed and quite satisfied with the entire experience. Feb 04, Melanie rated it it was amazing. I loved every book in this series and this one is no different. For the longest time I wondered who will end up with this hero and I was pleasantly surprised at this pairing.

The heroine was vulnerable, yet strong and brave. The hero was noble and as much vulnerable as the heroine. Together they made a perfect couple and an interesting duo who pulled together in order to put a stop to a formidable villain. If you're looking for a fast paced, well written and entertaining romance with a surprising I loved every book in this series and this one is no different. If you're looking for a fast paced, well written and entertaining romance with a surprising mystery element, this is definitely it.

Be warned though. If you've not read the previous books in this series, I think you might be a bit lost in regards to the back story of the hero. The book is structured to stand alone but I found that not reading the previous books would have put me at a disadvantage. Melanie for b2b Feb 21, Patty McKenna Van Hulle rated it it was amazing Shelves: great-series , historical-romance , rcpl , spy , murder , series. Stefanie Sloane They say, "Behind ever great man is a woman.

All he has in his life now is finding the killer of Lady Afton, Sophia's mother, and stopping the unseen leader of the feared Kingsmen. Being a member of the Young Corinthians, a government spy agency, since he was older enoug Stefanie Sloane They say, "Behind ever great man is a woman. Being a member of the Young Corinthians, a government spy agency, since he was older enough to follow in his Father's footsteps has given him the connections, skills and friends in high and low places to get the job done.

Grace Crowther was gambled and sold to her despicable hubby, Dr. Crowther, by her drunk father. Just when she thought her life couldn't get worse, her hubby is murdered by the Kingsmen, on order of the King, and he wants her life also. Grace flees with her only trusted friends, Mr. Templeton, and go into hiding with her meager savings md her mom's necklace. All she wants is to make enough money sewing and buy a cottage up north.

Langdon and Grace meet and strike a deal, she will help him gather evidence against the King and his gang, uncover his true identity and Langdon will protect her and the Templeton and set them up in a cottage up north, once the King is arrested. Langdon's plan isn't a simple as she thought because Grace must play his mistress, live with him for her protection and Langdon never tells her his true identity, but goes by Mr.

Clark, gang leader from Liverpool. Grace and Langdon live in close quarters and weave in and out of danger, intrigue and their passions are unleashed, as hands caress, kisses turn into embraces and then clothes fly off. Langdon is having problems with what is true mission is, the killer of Lady Afton or saving Grace for himself. With a lot of help from scheming Corinthians, an unusual harlot next door, steamy kisses, ship raids, exploding buildings, unchecked lips and hands, many enemies and lots of meddling females, Langdon and Grace fight for their pure, true and forever love.

Will Langdon forget his mission and cling to Grace instead? Can Grace sacrifice herself for her man? Will their love endure and protect them?

See a Problem?

Who is the TRUE unseen nemesis? Who killed Lady Afton? I am so glad all the Regency Rogues and Young Corinthians questions are finally answered. NO, I will not tell y'all, just read the many adventures for yourselves and you will not be disappointed.

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Poor Langdon was sad he lost his brother and Sophia in his life, but never felt anything but brotherly love for Sophia. He learns that he is stronger with love in his life. Grace was used, abused and unwanted, but she had the strength and desire for a better life for herself. Langdon and Grace learned about unconditional love from one another. Sloane didn't forget the sexy, toe curling, feeling warm all over and fire extinguisher worthy scenes because HELLO romance tale!

I am kinda sad this was the last book, but Ms. Sloane will use her creative, imaginative and slightly twisted mind for the next adventure. She gets my top score of 5 fingers up and 10 toes. Mar 06, Victoria rated it it was ok Shelves: first-reads , owned. Overall the book wasnt awful, but it just felt very rushed. I felt like I had missed somethings as I was reading.

A lot happened in this story, but it felt like some of the events that took place were out of place or just weren't needed. This book centers around two characters one of whom is a spy in a secret society working for the crown. I don't know if I was expecting a Bond-ish type but he really didn't have that mysterious appelle that most "spy" characters have in fiction. I felt the relat Overall the book wasnt awful, but it just felt very rushed. I felt the relationship between the main characters was rushed and not convincing.

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