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The staff of each TRiO program creates a climate of support for students as they strive to move out of poverty and dependence. As a result of these strong positive relationships, many TRiO college graduates periodically return to their programs to encourage and inspire current students.

Committed to Tough Cases In most cases, students in the TRiO programs are poor and are desperately trying to climb out of the vicious cycle of poverty in America. Many students come to TRiO from neighborhoods that are filled with violence, discouragement, negativity and hopelessness. A single parent raising several children, an older child helping to raise younger siblings, a physically disabled person with few financial resources and a struggling high school student trying to escape a life of poverty describe the young people and adults who turn to the TRiO programs for help and special assistance.

In fact, some TRiO programs enable students to meet with counselors during the summer, in the evening or on weekends. Many TRiO professionals, as part of their specified program objectives, visit students at home to discuss courses or career plans. Comprehensive and Cultural The academic and human services as administered through the TRiO programs are comprehensive and must go far beyond the traditional services offered by high school or college counselors.

Many students in the TRiO programs receive instruction in literature, composition, foreign languages, mathematics and science. In addition, students receive assistance in completing college admission and financial aid applications, tutorial services and exposure to cultural events.

Reality Based Like their students, many TRiO professionals had to overcome class, social, academic and cultural barriers to succeed in higher education. Because of this, they can effectively relate to their students and know how to motivate young people and adults in spite of the obstacles that often serve to discourage students from low-income families.

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Community Based Community need is determined by the community, not the federal government. TRiO programs are funded based on clear evidence that the program is needed in a particular community or town. Criteria used in determining need in a specific area include income level, education attainment level, dropout rates, student to counselor ratio, social and economic conditions, and overall demographic data. Non-Bureaucratic TRiO programs do not involve a large federal bureaucracy because they are direct grant programs funded in rank order on the basis of competitive proposals.

In fact, there is no more than one federal employee for every 28, TRiO students now being served. Despite substantial increases in the number of TRiO students and programs, fewer federal employees are working with TRiO today than 20 years ago. Support Service Historically, most counselors, clergy or parents don't have the time or expertise to work one-on-one with most of the students now enrolled in our nation's TRiO programs. Most students from low-income families seek TRiO services because they receive little or no encouragement at home.

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To most of the more traditional counselors, students from low-income families attempting to overcome social, academic and cultural barriers are too time-consuming. Such students require "special services" that most counselors don't or won't provide. Protection of Federal Investment TRiO programs protect our federal investment in student financial aid and have helped reduce defaults in the federal student loan program.

All existing research indicates that very few states are willing to help low-income students overcome class, social, academic and cultural barriers to higher education. In fact, the TRiO programs were established in because most states were blatantly ignoring students from low-income families who needed special services to successfully finish high school and prepare for college. More Tools.

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Search Terms Start Search. Surveys - Students, Senior, Parent, and School. You pick your meeting place, and then head out for dinner on your own. Meals and Breaks On Your Own. Breakfast Provided by the Hotel. Please enjoy complimentary breakfast buffet provided by the hotel, included in the cost of your room. Opening Remarks. Admissions Policies--Resources and Navigation. Provide TRIO project personnel witha working knowledge and understanding of the variety of college and university admissions policies and procedures.

Admissions Student Advocacy.

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Understanding and supporting the needs of non-traditional students. Student Transfers and Degrees: Moving from a 2-year to a 4-year Institution. This session imparts skills to provide student participants with strategies in applying for and gaining admission to postsecondary—specifically the transfer from a 2-yr to a 4-yr institution.

Strategies in gaining admission to graduate school including access to assistantships, fellowships, and other types of aid. Admissions Financial Aid.

Opening Remarks - Microlearning Review. Review the day's agenda, discuss progress on Financial Literacy microlearning modules. Advocating for your Students: Deficit Idealogy. Learn strategies to advocate for low-income and marginalized students against systemic policies and ideas that might otherwise obstruct their success.

General Session Student Advocacy. What if? Financial Aid Questions and Answers. Ask our panel of speakers all your uncommon financial aid questions! Can you stump the experts? Closing Remarks - Conference Ends.

Summarize the day's workshops, discuss progress on Financial Literacy microlearning modules. Shawn D.

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