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I calculated crimes per 1, people. And to make it easier to quickly identify the worst cities on the map, I drew a circle around the markers for the 5 worst cities. Below is my map click the image to see the interactive version, with HTML mouse-over text for each city.

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Well, not exactly. I decided to do a few spot-checks. Here in North Carolina, the city that gets in the news a lot for murders and such is Durham - I wondered how it compared to Detroit.


If NC was missing five major cities, how many cities might also be missing in other states? What's your opinion? Robert has worked at SAS for over a quarter century, and his specialty is customizing graphs and maps - adding those little extra touches that help them answer your questions at a glance. I think it would require some additional analysis to say whether or not that is true. Anybody got any suggestions for types of graphs that might help? Long ago, when I lived and worked in Detroit, the city was listed as the "murder capital" of the US. I helped someone analyze data about all of the homicide cases in Detroit for the previous 40 years.

The vast majority of the cases had been solved, so he was interested in the "why". CrimeMapping From the website: "This portal is dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies provide the public with valuable information about crime activity by neighborhood. Our goal is to assist police departments in reducing crime through a better informed citizenry. We work directly with each agency and never scrape data from other sites!

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CrimeReports CrimeReports From the website: "PublicEngines' mission is to help prevent, reduce, and solve crime with easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions that facilitate crime analysis, supply actionable intelligence, and increase public engagement. The company's products include CrimeReports - the 1 most popular online crime mapping solution available.


Start by typing in your desired city, ZIP code, or state at the top of the interactive map. Once you do that, the guide will generate your area, highlighting each crime category. Clicking on the map will give you even more information on the area and specific details regarding each crime category. If you're traveling to a city like New York City , you might want to know how safe it is to walk around Times Square after dark. Using our interactive crime map, you can tell that burglaries in much of New York City occur below the national average unless you're in lower Manhattan or certain parts of midtown.

Like New York City, certain parts of Chicago have higher crime rates than others.

Our map will help you identify where each type of crime is most likely to occur. Motor vehicle theft is less likely to occur in parts of downtown Chicago compared to the west and south sides. In Miami , sticking to the coastline might be a safer bet. Total crime levels were lowest in the downtown Miami area closest to the beach and even lower south of Key Biscayne.

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Burglaries were less frequent along the coastal shore compared to western parts of the city, including the iconic South Beach region. Unlike some other major cities in America, where you live or visit in Los Angeles can significantly change your crime concerns.

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Total crime was lowest in Koreatown and just outside the downtown area. When we looked at motor vehicle theft, the downtown area was a hotbed, while Chinatown and Hollywood had the lowest reports of vehicle crime.

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Understanding the community you live in or travel to can be key to staying as safe as possible under any circumstances.