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Untreated chlamydial infections can lead to more serious health problems, such as infertility, so it's important for sexually active teens to be screened for chlamydia at least yearly by a health care provider. It's also important for them to take the precautions to prevent chlamydia, and if it's suspected, to seek treatment as soon as possible. Symptoms In many cases, chlamydia causes only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

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Once you start to tell lie and nobody noticed it, you'll easily tell lies to everyone eversince. But you don't realize the effect if one day people found out the truth. They mad and upset, and you die. So don't lie too much. It's naive if ppl said they never told any lies, but many lies will bring you to chaos. Actually there are many things that I wanted to share with, but better read it by yourself, bet you won't be bored coz the story is well-written and well-described. View 2 comments. Jul 01, Cheyla rated it liked it. This book had its good points and its bad points.

I definitely do NOT recommend for kids under 15, and I'm saying that as a 14 year old. Well, love, sure. There's romance. But its not just that-- there's more to it than just girl-likes-boy-but-girl-has-boyfriend. April is faced with a crisis when her Dad announces that they're moving to Cleveland. She's got everything she's ever wanted where she already lives. A sweet boyfriend, great friends-- which is wh This book had its good points and its bad points. A sweet boyfriend, great friends-- which is why in desperation she says she wants to live with her friend Vi. One problem. Vi's mom isn't going to be there.

But does her dad need to know that? Together Vi and April establish a genius plan to avoid getting caught. And before they know it, they have the world to themselves. No parents, no plans, to rules. Well, okay, there are a few. To be ignored. Witty and well-written. I laughed out loud several times during the book. Also, Mlynowski created characters that you can really love. I fell for one of the main characters. Not Hudson, no you may be surprised but I actually really liked Dean. He was cute, and funny, even if he was a little perverted. I liked the entire plot. I liked the emotion, view spoiler [Like when she found out she had chlamydia, and started freaking out.

That seemed really realistic hide spoiler ]. And, yes, I understand that it is a teen book and all, but I still think its not necessary to bring the subject up every two pages.

Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done - AbeBooks - Sarah Mlynowski:

There were no explicit scenes, and for that I commend the author. But there was still a LOT of referencing. I mean yeah, it had to build it up for the end. But, hey, I guess that' s just not my cup of tea. Final Rating Was it my favorite book? I guess no, but I'll remember it and keep it up there on the list. Would I recommend it? Not to anyone who might be offended easily.

Would I read again? Maybe in a while. Did I enjoy it? Hells to the yes View all 10 comments. This book was so cheesy and kind of all over the place, but I had a great time reading it! It's a quick read especially the second half and I laughed out loud several times! Shelves: read , ya-contemporary , young-adult. Rating Clarification: 3. Despite this story being highly unrealistic, I found it engaging and pretty funny.

There were times where I wanted April to just get cau Rating Clarification: 3. I liked that. This book is filled with some pretty awesome secondary characters. I even started to like Lucy, despite her weird, stalkerish tendencies. She should have been a shoe in for most annoying character , but nope, not at all. Dean, Hudson and Noah played some pretty interesting parts as well, and I have to say Hudson was hands down my favorite for obvious reasons.

The plot, as I mentioned before, involved a highly unlikely circumstance, but in the end it worked quite well. Mlynowski covered some important YA topics such as love, loss, intimacy and responsibility. Thanks to Nic for sending it all the way from down under with a beautiful bookmark and big hugs and thanks to Crystal for touring this book with the Street Corner. Feb 11, Carol Royce Owen rated it did not like it.

Got this for like 99 cents on my Kindle back a few months ago, and now I know why it was so cheap. I really hate books that make adults out to be complete idiots, and that's exactly what this book does. It also glorifies casual sex and drinking between underaged teens, lying to parents and getting away with it, and pretty much every other stereotype expected of youth today. Yeah, teenage girls will probably love this book, but I won't be recommending it to any of them.

Dec 23, Alyssa rated it it was ok Shelves: own , read , rom-com , oh-canada , ya-romance , arc , highly-anticipated , really-excited-for. I so eagerly awaited Ten Things We Did. And honestly, I was more than a little disappointed. I get that this book was supposed to be funny, what with its unrealistic situations and one-liners. I get where Mlynowski was going, but the way she approached her subject made me disgusted and appalled. Before I get to April, who wins the Stupidest Character of the Year award, can I just ask you one question: what kind of parent would willingly leave their daughter in a different state — never mind a different country — with a parent of whom you never once console with face to face?

I think the characters in this book should be checked for DPS check out the link for more information! April was so, so cold. I could muster no sympathy for her. She lied to everyone she loved! She did any and everything just to be like everyone else! She was stupid, was ignorant, and oblivious to the real world. She said things that would realistically, well, destroy the other person. You know the mean girl in movies? Picture April. Vi was as dense as April and Marisa, the one girl who was supposed to illicit a type of sweetness to the reader…she was nothing more than a piece of paper, for how thin her characterization was.

I felt like these characters got it off too easy. How could they screw around literately! The constant flashbacks to — gasp — five seconds before the scene started were uncool and not, in any way, funny or appealing or needed. I will mention that I appreciated that Mylnowski incorporated the whole aspect of STIs into her world. View 1 comment. Dec 07, Crystal rated it liked it Shelves: I liked it, but I really wanted so much more. I guess it was just more realistic than I thought it would be which is not necessarily a bad thing mind you.

The story is about April, a junior in High School who just finds out that her Dad, with whom she lives with, has decided to move with his new wife to another state. Understandably April is upset and refuses to go, but how can she stay without her parents? So begins the funny adventure of what happens when 2 teenage girls get to live together without parental supervision unbeknown to their parents. Their adventures were funny and I did crack up at the fake emails messages that their parents were sending back and forth, but again I wanted more.

In my head I thought about the movie The Hangover and it was not on the caliber. But still good none the less.

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Anyway I think the book was a fun fluff type of read and I will probably look into more of her books. View all 17 comments. Jun 25, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , vine-program. On the surface, April is living every teenager's dream. When he's transferred to Cleveland, her father allows April to live with her good friend, Vi and finish out the year at school. She's got a great boyfriend and they're finally ready to take their relationship to the next level. Of course, in reality things are slightly different. April soon finds out that her visions of wild parties, endless freedom and lots of time canoodling with the boyfriend are in sharp contrast to the realities of liv On the surface, April is living every teenager's dream.

April soon finds out that her visions of wild parties, endless freedom and lots of time canoodling with the boyfriend are in sharp contrast to the realities of living with her friend and maintaining the illusion to her father and others that there is some kind of adult supervision taking place in their lives. Add to it that at the time when she and her boyfriend should be feeling closer than ever, he's more distant than ever before, except when he's jealous about April's new guy friend. We've all seen those special episodes of various TV shows where teens are left home alone and all hell breaks loose.

The story opens with April's dad coming by for a surprise visit the morning after a huge party and April trying to figure out how they can clean up in time and how they got to this point. The novel then unfolds, filling in the details of how we got here and the good and bad decisions made along the way.

Good decision: trying to work out a way to stay near her friends for the last part of her junior year. Bad decision: Buying a hot tub. As a narrator, April brings an authenticity to the story that could be lacking. While the reader may pick up on clues that something is off with her boyfriend, April quickly tries to find ways to gloss it over and write it off. April's voice sounds like an authentic teenage girl and Mylnowski never allows the situations or temptations facing April and her friends to stray too far from what could happen in the real world.

The journey April takes as she realizes things about herself and her family is a fascinating, compelling one. Big props to Mylnowski for creating an authentic, believable, compelling and flawed character for the centerpiece of this novel. That's not to say the book is perfect. But it's enjoyable enough with genuine humor and funny moments interspersed with serious, grown-up moments in which April and her friends must make some big calls and live with the consequences.

Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have) by Sarah Mlynowski

Shelves: best-of-the-best. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Not sure about this one. And therefore we cringe we she finally sleeps with him because we knoooooooow he did something I feel like I dunno, I'd be grossed out if I knew that the girl guy I liked had chlamydia Hahaha I'm much too paranoid for that kinda nonsense. I dunno what it was. Feb 03, K. Trigger warnings: parental neglect, pet related emergency, view spoiler [sexually transmitted diseases, cheating hide spoiler ].

So here's the thing: I never had particularly high hopes for this book. But sometimes you just need a fluffy contemporary book to speed through, and this fit the bill nicely.

This is It's a prime example of why teenagers shouldn't be allowed to make major decisions. It's a prime example of why you s Trigger warnings: parental neglect, pet related emergency, view spoiler [sexually transmitted diseases, cheating hide spoiler ]. So basically, April's mother moved to Paris after the divorce, so she's been living with her dad. Except that her dad and her stepmother have decided they're moving to Cincinnati, right in the middle of April's junior year.

She doesn't want to go. Conveniently, her best friend has plenty of room at her place. And her mother's just gotten a six month contract in a touring production of Mary Poppins. So they basically concoct a plan to lie to April's father and convince him that he's talked to Vi's mother about April living with them. Blah blah blah, two teenage girls live alone for six months. And of course, April immediately goes out and buys a hot tub. And a cat.


And blows off school numerous times. And throws a bunch of parties. I felt for April in that her entire family basically abandoned her. But at the same time, she pushed them all away, so?? The romance side of things was stupid. April's boyfriend was the actual worst. I was meh on the other guy who crops up in the course of the story.

Maybe it was the bubblegum cover so not cute, btw , or the description, or even the title. Who knows?

Sarah Mlynowski

For some reason, I was under the impression that this was going to be a breezy, fluffy read. That it was not. Personally, I did not see it that way at all. Yes, I suppose sex was a central theme in the story, but it did not define the story. It was actually really, heartbreakingly realistic. Having sex, planning sex, regretting sex, enjoying sex? It happens. Because, although April eventually does all of the above, this book was more than just sex. The story about her cat really wrapped up April's story in a nutshell. The cat was given away basically abandoned.

Hudson the guy she may or may end up with gifts her a new kitty; the kitty gets run over by a car -- everyone, including her father and her BF, Noah, tells her to just put the kitty aka Doughnut to sleep and out of her misery. But April clings on to her hope. She doesn't give up. She sees the kitty as herself. It was a culmination of the aforementioned factors that led to her obsession on losing her virginity. To feel wanted, needed, desired, precious, treasured, worthy. Fast-forward to April loses her V-card. You have to take responsibility for your choices — whether good or bad.

Sometimes, people betray you in ways unimaginable, and yet, shouldering that pain is what initiates or catapults some into adulthood. I think Mlynowski captured that beautifully. Teen contest , moments with Noah, with Hudson, how Lucy ended up in the fold, the conversations April had with her two other besties, the fake e-mailing back and forth — it was all so much fun. The humor was spot on too, and it was very entertaining.

It was only hinted and too subtle, I think. She just kind of accepts it and though she alludes to her underlying familial issues — it kind of gets swept under the rug. To sweep all the ugly — lonely — scary stuff under the rug and just have fun. I can only describe my feelings about this book in 4 words: I am not impressed.

To be fair, Ten things we did and probably shouldn't have , is a light read, perfect on a lazy week end, while you are sipping a lemonade under the sun. Which didn't happen in my case. I decided to read it at 12 in the midnight because I couldn't sleep. Yep, insomnia's such a bitch. Well, maybe that will explain my less than stellar review of this book.

If a Guy Does These 10 Things, Never Marry Him!

Or maybe this book is just disappointing. I had this book for a I can only describe my feelings about this book in 4 words: I am not impressed. I had this book for a while but whenever I tried to start reading, I just couldn't bring myself to be immersed in the story. I found myself looking for other books to read, instead. I wondered why, usually I am a sucker for chic-lits, now I know why I don't like April.

Not at all. And the fact that this book is in her POV just makes it hard for me to like this book too. I also don't like the fact that there's a lot of sex mentioned here. I am not being a prude, I've read so many chic lits before and almost all of them have sex in them, but the point is, those books' main protagonists are at least 20 years old and above And April is just sixteen! I am sorry, but I hate it.

I hate reading books about 16 year old girls wanting so hard to give up their viriginity as if being a virgin at 16 is the worst thing in the world. I've had enough of that in Gossip Girl, thank you very much. I could've forgiven those facts if this book is actually hilarious, moving and flat out fun as the book cover claims, but nope. Nothing is hilarious about it. Sure, there are a few laughs, but most of the time, all I can think of is how stupid everything is and how nothing came up to teach April a lesson she deserved view spoiler [except having Chlamydia hide spoiler ].

I am expecting her to have some real, serious problems, like not having enough money for the next month after buying that stupid tub, or being busted by the police for throwing an illegal, underage party, or finally being caught by her dad for all her lies. But nope, everything seems so easy for them. Instead, her problems she needs to deal with are: 1. The perfect date to lose her virginity. How to make her boyfriend sleep with her because apparently, he seems like he doesn't want to do it anymore.

How to throw a great party to raise money so that she can pay her debt. The conclusion seems forced and put there just for the sake of it. This book doesn't require much thinking.

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Because if you do think, you'll just get annoyed and probably just tear this into pieces. I only gave this book 2 stars because I love Vi and Dean's love story. I think it will be much better and more romantic and funnier if they are the main characters. So there. I'm done here. This was entertaining. It was like a Sarah Dessen novel with more personality. I enjoyed the characters. I liked how the author decided to write about an issue you don't see in many YA books.

I like when authors aren't afraid to talk about things that happen every day. The issue here being sexually active teens not protecting themselves properly, mainly because they think their significant other is being faith This was entertaining. The issue here being sexually active teens not protecting themselves properly, mainly because they think their significant other is being faithful to them. The plot basically was that the main character, April, is told by her father that they are moving and April talks him into letting her stay with her friend Vi.

Her father doesn't know that Vi's mother is "on the road" and that it's just going to be Vi and April living in a house alone. Then the ten things they shouldn't have done are discussed. And a lot of times the book was funny. There were also some deeper family issues and other serious things happening in the book.

It was a perfect balance. I recommend this for anyone who likes contemporary YA books. It wasn't perfect but I enjoyed it. Jul 10, Diana rated it really liked it. It was so cute and funny that I couldn't stop smiling. Jun 16, Susane Colasanti rated it it was amazing. This relentlessly entertaining story offers an authentic perspective on freedom, friendship, and first love. The perfect summer read! View all 3 comments. Oct 05, Princess Bookie rated it really liked it Shelves: read My Thoughts: I haven't read anything else by Mlynowski but I hear she has some great books!

We are introduced to April who lives with her father and his new wife. Her mother and little brother moved to Paris to be with a guy her mother met. They wanted April to come with but she decided she'd rather stay and live with her dad so she could stay around her friends and boyfriend. Things have been ok for her. She's happy. Until one day her Dad announces they are moving to Ohio! He is not doing this to her! She can't leave her boyfriend of two years and all of her friends behind.

Plus its halfway through the term, she must finish the school year. She ends up thinking up a plan. To stay with her friend Vi. It sounds like a good plan, right? The only problem is Vi will be on her own too because her mom is going to be away. What is April going to do? Whats the logical thing to do here? She sets up fake email accounts and pretends to email back and fourth as her Dad and Vi's mom.

Her dad thinks that she is going to stay with Vi and her mother so there will be adult supervision. Her family moves away to Ohio and she and Vi have their own place. They can do "whatever" they want. She would tell them and her mom would transcribe them. They were all about Princesses named Sarah. After learning to use her own pencil, she continued scribbling stories throughout elementary and high school, and studied English literature in college.

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  • When she was twenty-four she published her first chick lit novel, Milkrun. Since then she has written five novels for teens, four additional novels for adults, co-written a guide to writing chick lit See Jane Write , co-edited two bestselling charity collections, and contributed to various anthologies.

    Originally from Montreal, Sarah now lives in Manhattan. The World According to Anna. Wheels of Terror. The Abyssinian Proof. The Light of Evening. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. Self's Punishment. Your cart Close. Go Search. Download Image Download Image. Imprint Orchard Books Orchard Books. More books by Sarah Mlynowski. Left loading Sarah Mlynowski Sarah Mlynowski started writing books when she was three years old.

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