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I am also passionate about working with couples, helping them navigate through their struggles at any point in their relationship or deal with sensitive issues. Lastly, I'm a sex-positive Sex Therapist who welcomes individuals to explore their sexual issues in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

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Clarity Counseling Services Co. We are a group of Clinical Social Workers specializing in many different areas including trauma, mood disorders, major mental illness, severe persistent mental illness, family conflicts, couples' counseling, life adjustments and child and adolescent behavioral concerns. We work together with you to explore the identified issues and highlight treatment goals that feel obtainable to you. Clarity Counseling therapists have experience with all age groups from children to the elderly. We are most interested in making you feel comfortable so that maximum progress may be achieved together.

You are unique, and should choose someone whose approach and values are a good fit. Your family, friends, and faith can be sources of great support, but also of deep pain at times. When life seems to be falling apart, you need a safe place to share your burdens and find that grace, mercy, and reconciliation are more than just words. I consider my office a "toxic waste dump" It's like a knot with no obvious way to untie it. Days can be lonely, tiring, and confusing. BUT, burdens lighten when someone walks beside you and feels your pain.

As your therapist, I will listen to your woes, ask insightful questions, and help you tap into long forgotten resources. With me, you will see results where you say, "Aha! Watch your eyes sparkle with hope and your steps get lighter.

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I will help you untie that knot, reach your goals, embrace new possibilities, and live life with purpose and power. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and I have over seven years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults from varied backgrounds and cultures. My goal is to help individuals process their experiences and reach adaptive and healthy resolutions so they can face the future with confidence.

I try to offer affordable mental health counseling, because I believe that therapy should be accessible to all who need it.

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I also offer art therapy, play therapy, and life coaching. I want to help you to feel better--and help you to achieve the goals that matter to you. If you want, you can try a phone or online session so you can do therapy from the comfort of home. I really look forward to working with you. At times, therapy takes effort, but it's rewarding to see the results! Sheree Collins Psychologist , PhD. You have taken the first step on the journey to a new beginning. Change is hard but it is not impossible and the therapeutic process can assist you in becoming your best self.

I am passionate about helping individuals change the landscape of their lives. Balance equals Happiness and as your therapist I will help you navigate the path that leads to self-discovery and self-acceptance. The balance that you desire is within reach. I will provide a safe, unrestricted and non-judgmental environment in which I will assist you in developing and implementing the appropriate coping skills to bring about positive change.


Even the strongest can get bogged down by sadness, worry, stress, or difficulties in close relationships. Moreover, even the best couples find themselves stuck in patterns of poor communication often resulting in feelings of disconnectedness despite the desire for closeness. Lastly, the family is one of the most important environments that shape our lives.

Yet unexpected events can derail individual and family relationships and development. My goal is to help you tap into the courage and strength you posses and move from distress to empowerment. Better Living Solutions provides collaborative care by licensed mental health professionals, registered dietitians, and certified eating disorder specialists.

We also have several group therapy options and will educate you and your support team on tools that are recovery focused.

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Simply click on it, type in "nos vemos" and your answer will come up. It's a very handy tool, especially for very easy translations. Not really very useful. It could be the last one, depending on the context, but it's more likely to mean we meet or we see each other. Literally, it is translated as "We see each other", but is used to mean "I'll see you later". It means "See you".

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