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In the Grand Duke Cosimo I established the banned of Sammezzano, a large territory where it was forbidden to fish or hunt without permission, and then he donate the estate to his son Ferdinand, the future Grand Duke of Tuscany.

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While the facade evokes the Indian Taj Mahal Museum, the interior decorations are inspired to the famous Alhambra in Granada. Inside the castle there are rooms , one for every day of the year , each decorated in a unique and original way: among them we remember the Peacock room, the gallery between the Hall of Mirrors and the octagon of the Fumoir, the White room and the small chapel, which create an incredible maze of colors. However, after the death of the Marquis Ferdinando Sammezzano, the castle was subject to neglect and bad weather, looted during World War II and turned into a luxury hotel immediately after the end of the conflict.

It remained so until , when a British company bought it to use it again, but due to the financial crisis of its new owners, the castle remained empty again. The manor is now in a state of semi-abandoned, but over the years were born several committees and associations that have as their aim the restoration and the enhancement of this marvel of the Made in Italy, a unique treasure lost among the rolling hills of Tuscany.

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Giuseppe Verdi - Nabucco - Va, Pensiero

Ballade du duel. Et tout cela. D'elle un rendez-vous! Paris fuit, nocturne.

Castle of Sammezzano, An Oriental Fairy tale in Tuscany

Access the complete album info 29 songs. Radio France Le villi, Act I, Scene 1: Preludio. Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France. Puccini: Le villi. Le villi, Act I, Scene 2: Eviva! Melanie Diener. Aquiles Machado. Sylvie David. Access the complete album info 10 songs. P Naxos Kurt Streit. Mozart: Idomeneo.

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Act I Scene 1: Quando avran fine omai l'aspre sventure mie? Act I Scene 1: Padre, germani, addio Ilia. Act I Scene 1: Ecco Idamante, ahime! Act I Scene 1: Non ho colpa, e mi condanni Idamante. Access the complete album info 50 songs. P Dynamic Iano Tamar. Massenet: Roma. Act I: O tristes jours!

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    Fontana, Ferdinando (1850-1919)

    Volume II. The common English version, corrected by the final committee of the American Bible Union. English by Sawyer, Leicester A. David George , Mrs. XLI, pp.

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      Nabuco by Ferdinando Fontana

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