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In any con, the hook is the words that the con man will tell you in order to convince you to get involved by using your money.

Daryl Does the Full Monte 3 Card Monte

In the three-card monte, the con man will tell you about how the casino is a big con because you never win due to the house edge. By setting the casino across the street as the con, it subconsciously makes you believe that his game is actually the easier game to win compared to the casino — and that the casino is the con man, not him. Just bet a little dude! They first find a location with a lot of foot traffic — and obviously the foot traffic must be largely consisting of people conducive to gambling. The location must have good foot traffic yet be far enough from the police — the police will always break up a three-card monte game.

Once the prime location has been chosen, the con men put up a small table with three cards on top of it.

Mastering the 3 Card Monte – Tips And Tricks Behind The Show

The lead 3 card monte conman the one handling the cards who is behind the table tells the crowd that has formed that one of these cards is a queen. The crowd is then instructed to follow the queen as he shuffles the cards around the three spots. If he gets a mark the one falling for the con that will soon lose his money that person must point at one of those three cards — choosing the one he thinks is the queen. This seems so easy — yet this is exactly why so many people fall for this trap. The cards are creased down the middle, so they form a shingle shape.

The tosser shows the player all three cards, face-up, and then drops them face down on a table. He or she slides the cards around on the table, switching their positions rapidly.

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The player tries to track the position of the queen as the tosser moves it around. When the tosser stops, the player makes a bet and guesses the position of the queen. In the shell game, the tosser lays three half shells or cups face down on the table and slips a ball or pea underneath one. Then he or she slides the shells around while the player tries to track the shell with the pea.

So is there any way to win these games? In most cases, no -- the games are rigged so you can't win.

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  6. In many shell games, the ball isn't under any of the shells! There are a few different ways of doing this. In one of the most common approaches, the tosser covers the table with pieces of newspaper. Then, when the game is in play, he or she lifts the shell as it slides over the edge of one newspaper sheet.

    How do big city shell games and three card monte games work?

    The ball rolls under the newspaper sheet, and the tosser keeps shuffling. There is no winning shell! In the classic three-card monte scam, the red queen does stay on the table, but the tosser leads the player away from it. When the tosser shows the cards, he or she holds a black card in one hand and a black card and the red queen in the other hand. This black card is held between the thumb and middle finger, and the queen is held in front of it, between the thumb and the ring finger.

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    Since the queen is in front, the player assumes the tosser drops it first. But in fact, the tosser releases the black card first, while moving his or her hand to the side. This moves the queen out of the way, so the black card can fall straight down. The tosser does this so quickly that the spectators never notice.

    So, from the very beginning, everybody is tracking the wrong card.

    "Three Card Monte": Can You Beat The Scams? | Blog

    In most cases, this sleight of hand is actually the simplest part of the scam. Most card and shell games are very elaborate operations involving several crew members. In addition to the tosser, the scam depends on a lookout to keep an eye out for the police, a roper to bring in potential players and one or more shills to get people to play.