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Wordinn Urdu. After much consideration Dr. Jaime Awe agreed. The group that Mr. Saunders brought that first year consisted of four students and they excavated a relatively small range structure, Structure C1, in the C Plaza. The next year, Dr. They were given two units to excavate. One excavation was in the plaza in front of structure B4 and the other was an exploratory unit on structure F3.

The goal of the unit in front of B4 was to try and define the layers of the plaster floor. While the goal of the unit on structure F3 was to define the terminal phase of the architecture. A year later in , the program set up a plaza unit to the west of structure F2.

The first three years yielded great data and allowed the AFAR project to prove that the high school students were capable of handling the responsibility of excavating at Cahal Pech. This was the first year that the project had a very clear research design for the exploration of Cahal Pech that was independent of the larger BVAR program. The program decided to excavate at Structure C4, which lies at the southern edge of the ball court. When they chose this location they were hoping to find a relationship between Structure C6 and the ball court but instead uncovered a structure without stair access and its facing stones removed.

This was the first evidence for abandonment or defensive measures at Cahal Pech.

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In the next excavation season, , the program completed the excavation of structure C4 and was able to conserve the structure with a generous donation from the Archaeological Institute of America Site Preservation Program. They also wanted to further define Plaza C to see if they could find more evidence of structural modifications for defensive purposes.

They decided to place test units on structure C6 as well as Plaza H. They were able to expose a small platform structure and the corner stair that lead from Plaza B to Plaza C. This was the first year that a royal tomb was found and the excavations allowed for tomb exploration at the top of B1. Also in , the terminal phase of architecture was discovered on the western side of structure B1, B2, and B3. The previous excavations on structure C6 were expanded to the west and also conserved.

AFAR continued their work on the royal tomb, finding several burials, a turtle shell with hieroglyphs, as well as jade figurines. The program also excavated the transition space and back of B1 and B3. This finding was extremely special because it showed exactly what the structure looked like when it was actually in use thousands of years ago.

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This concluded the excavating season. In contrast to sites such as Tikal, Calakmul, Palenque, Caracol and Copan, determining the sequence of rulers at Maya polities that lack inscribed monuments is a particularly challenging task for the archaeologist.

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In spite of the inherent difficulties, however, it is possible to identify rulers at these sites through a systematic examination of the context and contents of elite burials and their associated symbolism. Applying this approach, this paper aims to demonstrate that we can identify a sequence of rulers, spanning from Preclassic to Terminal Classic times, at Cahal Pech.

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Powis, Terry G. Hester, W. Jeffrey Hurst, and Stan M. Tarka, Jr. Stross, Brian. Edited by Shirley B. Read about what was uncovered in Week 2! Learn More. Updates from week 3 of excavation. Field notes from the first week of excavation in at Cahal Pech. For this field season, our primary goal was to expose any burials below the terminal phase architecture on pyramid B1 on the E-structure at Cahal Pech, a local site in San Ignacio, Belize.

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