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It was her final work before her death in It is essentially an allegory for female hypnotic delirium. In this painting, a woman "looks out" from what seems to be a window that may, in fact, be a scene from a mural painting within the greater composition with her hand stretched out and up in a gesture of yearning. She is looking at what may be compared to a group of gypsy figures, dancing under the open sky. The principal figure among the travelling group is a woman who dances while holding her baby close to her, thus otherwise suggesting the scene is representional for an altered-state vision of maternal duty.

Soaring free about the dancing group is a bird , which contrasts sharply to the captive bird in the gilded cage that hangs beside the woman's older husband.

The Gilded Cage

The husband seems distraught at his wife's deteriorated - or "released" - state of mind. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Gilded Cage - Father John Misty (Lyric Video with Audio)

This article possibly contains original research. They will be talking about a show and will offer theater tickets to you. Cornwall is on the phone, and the mayor is not happy.

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Follow the servant after Dutch tells you to. When he leaves that office, you can walk straight up to the desk and take it.

Now leave, unseen, and return to Dutch. Everyone will head out - done with the party.

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Bill is especially fed up with the hoity-toity people. Lenny will pick you lot up from the front, of course, after retrieving your weapons. You wake up in your own room the next morning, Dutch already talking to you.

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Continue on to A Fine Night of Debauchery. Offer these ladies champagne to pour some drinks. When you walk by this man, he will begin choking.