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Very bony, very ethereal. I think I could take him — and I weigh lbs. Which leads me to a few questions. Is this supposed to scream SEXY to buyers? Something about the lifeless, mannequin-like look on both models is freaking me out a bit, actually. Her throat looks more like a nape. Perhaps that helps bite-marks heal quicker? Thanks so much. My family and I had a debate awhile back about which was the female and which was the male on the US Lover Eternal cover. They finally got me straightened out. That guy on the UK Lover Unbound makes me think heroin addict.

I always find it interesting that books for situations like this get different covers in the first place. I suppose the only way to know would be to poll UK inhabitants and ask them which they prefer. Or perhaps copyright issues come into play? Is the series still new after six books?!? Perhaps the marketing teams really have it right, because as a Brit, I do like the UK non-Vaselined covers better. Actually, movie posters usually are different for different countries.

Revenge of the Brotherhood

All of them are pretty much six of one, half dozen of the other IMO. Except the dozy chick on the UK Dark Lover zzzzzz and then it took me a few minutes and closing one eye then the other to even figure out where the people were in the UK Lover Eternal. Sort of a Rorshach approach? The Piatkus covers for the J. Robb books are stunning and they have done a fine job with most Roberts novels as well. Plus, UK covers are generally matte, which is much better than that annoying glossy finish on many US covers, which only gets covered in fingerprints anyway.

So is it a surprise that I like the US covers best? I think the UK covers are uniformly awful. Does anyone else think Ted Dansen was the model for Lover Enshrined? Something about this cover has screamed Cheers at me since I first saw it…. I guess I should have specified Lover Enshri ned rather than just using initials since their are two LE books in the list.

I like the color wash and the font on the US covers better, but otherwise I could go either way. The big MWAH! In a Blind Taste test, passing 15 year old daughter preferred the UK covers. Ugly models, cheesy poses. Living here for almost three years has not made me any more inclined to like their covers. The acne guy is rather disturbing — what is he doing to her neck — kissing, sucking? His lips look like the end of the Noo Noo! In general I prefer not to have a full face shot on covers. Why must you torment me with the linkage???? On another note, those UK covers are pretty scary.

Proving that no one tells J. Butch — former Boston Homicide detective. Best friend of Vishous.

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Mate of Marissa. Qhuinn — disowned by his family. Mate of Blaylock. John Matthew — reincarnated Darius. Mate of Xhex. Blaylock — former lover of Saxton. Mate of Qhuinn. Xhex — half Symphath. Works under Rehvenge. Daughter of Autumn. Mate of John Matthew. Payne — daughter of the Scribe Virgin. Twin sister of Vishous.

Mate of Dr. Manny Manuelo. Xcor — leader of the Bastards. Determined to overthrow Wrath. Obsessed with Layla. Subspecies within the vampire race characterized by the ability and desire to manipulate emotions in others for the purposes of an energy exchange , among other traits.

Historically, they have been discriminated against and, during certain eras, hunted by vampires.

They are near extinction. Rehvenge — Symphath King. Member of the Council. Former drug dealer. Mate of Ehlena. The Princess. Female vampires who have been bred to serve the Scribe Virgin. They are considered members of the aristocracy, though they are spiritually rather than temporally focused. Some have the ability to prognosticate. In the past, they were used to meet the blood needs of unmated members of the Brotherhood, and that practice has been reinstated by the Brothers.

An Ehros is a Chosen trained in the matter of sexual arts. Amalya — former personal attendant of the Scribe Virgin. Six months after the events of Tangled , Rapunzel is settling into life in the kingdom of Corona but is unable to enjoy her life with the constant protection of her father's guards. When she and her lady-in-waiting, Cassandra, sneak out of the castle, they come upon some magical black rock spikes that magically bring back her long blonde hair which is now indestructible, so Rapunzel has to hide it from everyone, especially her parents.

Eventually, Eugene, Maximus, and Pascal find out about the hair as well, but Rapunzel decides not to tell Eugene about how she got her hair back because Cassandra doesn't trust him , a decision which he hardly agrees with. Rapunzel manages to hide her hair from her parents but becomes very nervous because of her coronation day.

To complicate matters, a female rogue, Lady Caine, appears at Rapunzel's coronation with a hatred of King Frederic who had taken away her father a long time ago. With no other choice, Rapunzel reveals her new foot long hair and, with her friends' help, defeats the thugs. Later, that night, Rapunzel admits to her father that she had snuck out of the castle but doesn't mention anything about Cassandra helping her , so King Frederic has no other choice, but to forbid Rapunzel from leaving the walls of Corona.

Rapunzel feels trapped again just like in her old tower , but with her mother's encouragement, she decides to take her relationship and role in Corona one day at a time. A little while later, a mysterious individual comes across the site of the magical flower that cured Rapunzel's mother and was the original source of her magical long blonde hair.

We see now there is nothing left, but even more mysterious black rock spikes covering the area. Nearly a week after her coronation, Rapunzel and Cassandra seek out an alchemist in their first attempt at solving the mystery as to how and why Rapunzel's foot golden hair grew back. Eugene follows them, but things don't go quite as planned: they find Varian, a year-old alchemist who agrees to help uncover the mystery of Rapunzel's hair.

However, Varian had built some underground machines which run out of control and destroy the village. Luckily, no one is hurt and the test shows some important facts about Rapunzel's hair: it's completely indestructible and doesn't have any healing powers any more, but now can completely cover somebody and protect them. As they leave, Rapunzel begins telling Eugene about the events of the night when her hair grew back which Eugene promises to keep secret and the black rocks slowly start to grow back and multiply.

During the annual Gopher Festival, Rapunzel is booed by a man in the crowd when she shows her new emblem to the people of Corona. After finding out that the person who booed her is an elderly shopkeeper whom everyone loves, Rapunzel is determined to uncover the reason for Uncle Monty's disapproval of her, even if it means disguising herself. Eventually, she inspires Monty to participate at the Gopher Festival Tournament, but during the race she has to rescue him from a waterfall, blowing her disguise.

Monty explains that he booed her because he doesn't like all the changes in the kingdom that have occurred since her return; the two remain enemies, but respect each other. Monty wins the race and Rapunzel boos him as a sign of their "special relationship. After catching a criminal, Eugene trains to be a royal guard. Unfortunately, the Captain of the Guards, who happens to be Cassandra's father, shares Cassandra's loathing of him. He does his best to make Eugene fail, even using manoeuvres so underhanded that even Cassandra objects to them. Meanwhile, Rapunzel prepares for her royal portrait to be painted by the revered Italian painter Giovanni.

Eugene realizes that Giovanni is a fraud and manages to catch the imposter. The Captain of the Guards then gives Eugene a job of his own: teaching the guards to "think like a thief" in order to catch one. Cassandra trains hard to enter the "Challenge of the Brave," but when Rapunzel learns of the competition, she wants to enter as well. Cassandra lies to Rapunzel to keep her out of the competition, but Rapunzel later learns through Eugene that anyone can enter.

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They both make it to the final battle and Rapunzel wins because Cassandra accidentally steps out of the ring. Cassandra accepts this and introduces the audience to the winner, but realizing her friend's true feelings, Rapunzel gives the trophy to Cassandra and they both smile and give each other a hug. Cassandra and Eugene have been arguing a lot. In an attempt to force them to stop bickering, Rapunzel tricks both into a dungeon cell from which they must settle their differences to escape by solving a series of quizzes. Rapunzel's plan doesn't go well when the Stabbington Brothers take advantage of Cassandra and Eugene's failure in order to break jail and take the two prisoners.

Cassandra and Eugene work together and manage to take the brothers down and with Rapunzel's help escape through the secret passages beneath Corona. Cassandra and Eugene are now on better terms--until another squabble between the two breaks out, in which Rapunzel decides not to take part. An old childhood friend and partner-in-crime of Eugene's, Lance Strongbow, comes to Corona to ask him for help. Cassandra, naturally, does not trust Strongbow. Eugene reluctantly decides to aid his childhood accomplice, but learns that they have broken into the basement of "the Baron," an old enemy of theirs.

They manage to escape with his treasure, but find a ring with Corona's crest in it; Eugene suddenly recalls that the ring he had stolen eight years ago had belonged to Queen Arianna. Rapunzel and Cassandra find out and Lance apologizes for all his trespasses against Eugene, promising to change. Eugene confesses all his past actions to Arianna, who forgives him. Eugene gives Rapunzel a jeweled flower and apologizes for having lied to her. King Frederic sees the ring on Arianna's finger; she explains that Eugene had "found it that morning.

When Corona is pranked by a rival kingdom, King Frederic sets off to prank it back, accompanied by Eugene who wants to gain Rapunzel's father's respect.

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The two sneak into King Trevor's castle; Eugene discovers that Frederic was planning to steal Trevor's pet seal, but the two are captured and locked up. Frederic informs Eugene he could respect no one any more than the man who returned his daughter. The two escape and prank King Trevor by dropping him through one of his own trapdoors and set his pet seal free. Meanwhile, Rapunzel tries to master the art of pranking, which is a new concept to her.

King Trevor ends up tied to one of his statues with a sign reading "Corona Rules" and the seal happily swimming in the sea. Back in Corona, Rapunzel finally understands the art of pranking. A science exposition is held in Corona; Cassandra has a chance to go on guard duty, but must finish her lady-in-waiting obligations first.

Varian bargains with Cass to help finish her chores if she agrees to assist him in his demonstration.

However, Cass accepts an assignment to guard the famous scientist who is judging the contest and is thus unavailable. When things go wrong, though, she chooses her friend over duty. Meanwhile, Rapunzel tries to make an entry for the science fair. After the science fair is over, Varian shows Cassandra and Rapunzel the strange black rock spikes outside his village, much like the ones that made Rapunzel's hair grow back.

Varian decides to help Rapunzel and Cass uncover the mystery of these rock spikes and the connection between them and the newfound magical abilities of Rapunzel's regrown hair.

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During a love festival, Corona displays a book full of signatures of lovers in honor of an old ruler's falling in love with the leader of a rival kingdom. Cassandra suddenly turns very secretive; Rapunzel learns it's because she's been seeing a guy.

Cover Comparisons: JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Cassandra doesn't want Rapunzel meddling, but the princess suggests a double date and they all go off in a hot air balloon. The guy turns out to be part of an old faction that didn't like the unification of Corona and wants to steal the book, as Cassandra had suspected that all along. With Rapunzel and Eugene's help, she manages to defeat him and recover the book.

Cassandra receives a medal for her actions. Attila is finally opening up his own bakery, but people generally don't want to stop by because of his scary helmet. The next day, Monty's Sweet Shoppe is destroyed, and Attila is arrested. He is about to be banished from the kingdom, but Rapunzel makes an appeal to investigate the matter further.

She fails to learn the truth within the hour time limit, but does figure it out just as the boat is leaving. It turns out it was actually the goat who trashed the store, being trapped inside when the store's bell rang and sent it into a rampage. Attila teams up with Monty and they open a sweet shop together. A flashback shows how Pascal arrived at the Rapunzel's tower and became her friend. In the present, Pascal wants to spend time with Rapunzel as in the tower, but her princess duties and new friends keep pushing him aside.

Feeling rejected, he runs away to return to the tower. An old predator seeks revenge on the small lizard now that he's all alone again. Rapunzel realizes that Pascal has gone missing and cancels every royal activity planned in order to look for him. Realizing where he has gone, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra seek the place "where everything happened. The two reconcile and Rapunzel promises to spend more time together with her old friend. While trying to find Lance a job, Eugene and he are tasked by the Captain of the Guards with capturing a mysterious thief robbing the people of Corona.

They do so, but discover that the "thief" is actually two young homeless girls. Sympathizing with the girls, Eugene and Lance decide to help them change their ways. After the girls steal Rapunzel's tiara, Eugene and Lance discover the girls are fleeing their own old enemy, the Baron, and exchange themselves for them. The girls come back to help them escape and return everything they've stolen before leaving. Lance obtains a new job as the chef of the Snuggly Duckling.

Meanwhile, Cassandra is accidentally hurt and Rapunzel keeps trying to help her recover, but the princess's attempts always end more annoying than helpful. Rapunzel and the Captain of the Guard are trapped in the Snuggly Duckling by a fierce storm; the building turns out to be haunted by its former owner, Ruthless Ruth. The Captain and the thugs attempt to escape, but the pub is surrounded by magic and there is no escape until they give Ruth what she wants. Rapunzel follows the clues and finds that despite Ruth's reputation as the "worst thug that ever lived," she did also have a dream: to hear her song being sung by someone else.

Everyone, including the Captain, all sing Ruth's song and are now free. Rapunzel and the Captain of the Guard return to the castle where Rapunzel realizes how worried her father is and avoids any confrontation about his sending the whole royal guard to look after her. A new horse, Axel, shows up in Corona and quickly shows up Max in every way, even joining the royal guard and beating all of Max's former records. However, only Max sees the devious nature of Axel's behavior: his true intention was to rescue Lady Caine from the dungeon, along with the gold transfer already planned.

Max falls into a trap set by Axel. While he and Lady Caine escape with the gold without any suspicion, Rapunzel looks for Max to apologize for everyone's ignoring him, but finds the trap and discovers the plan as well. Rapunzel and Max chase after the two villains and after Lady Caine is recaptured Max races Axel, defeating him just as Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, and the guards arrive.

Max is seen as a hero by everyone again. It's Queen Arianna's birthday, and she receives an unexpected guest: her estranged sister, Willow. Willow and Rapunzel quickly bond, sharing a lot of the same personality traits, and Arianna feels a bit left out. To add to her aggravation, Willow has given her a pet with an annoying rattle. Eventually, Arianna explodes at her sister, letting her know her irritation with her and throws away the rattle.

The pet starts to multiply and rampage over the countryside. The sisters make up and retrieve the rattle, which calms the beast and removes all the other critters. Willow disappears, promising to be more responsible, but forgets the pet she promised to look after. The black rocks keep spreading in Old Corona and begin to approach the castle; Varian and his father Quirin go to talk to King Frederic.

When Quirin says nothing about the rocks, Varian talks to Rapunzel who promises to help. Rapunzel takes over the kingdom while her parents go away for their anniversary. Varian starts testing the mystical rocks, but his father forbids him, refusing to tell him anything.

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