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He calls back to the people, who come out as he speaks. Come all with carol and with flute, With pipe and horn and flagolet, Let no lip on this day be mute When Pierrot takes to wife Pierrette. Sing praise to the prevailing hand Till time devise its overthrow. Let song be loud upon the land To celebrate Pierrot, Pierrot. Pierrot who struck his brother well, And sent him to so sound a sleep, Give him his wedding-word to tell And make the wage his own to keep.

The musicia? Let the hand that can break Gather all that it may, And whoso can take Bear the treasure away. Crush the fruit if you can To the core of its juice, Crush the heart of a man If his blood be of use, Tread hard on the road Spare none as you go — Upon such is bestowed The praise of Pierrot. And we cry your renown. Come along, come along. To you was the pride Of the faring to-day. To you be the bride To use as you may. Js they are singing the Pierrot lifts the Pierrette up ; she walks with him, a poor broken prize.

The Master Pierrot leads them towards the seat, the others following. As they move up the hurt Pierrot turns, lifting his hands to them for help ; they pass him by. The Master Pierrot stands by the seat, with the two in front of him ; the others look on in a group on their left. The Pierrot watches the sobbing Pierrette, cruelly, without pity. The bare tree on the right of the seat is in full view of all. The Master Pierrot [formally. Is there one among you all who claims this Pierrette?

I claim her. She is claimed. You hear.

I— I — The Master Pierrot. A challenge. Dare you make it good with your strength? The Hurt Pierrot. The Crowd. His claim is good. The Master Pierrot ascending step and turning formally towards them. Then — The tree breaks into blossom. Everyone sees it, utterly astonished. Around them the Scarlet Pierrot music is heard, aud he is seen in the distance, coming towards them, scarlet from head to foot. He comes silently up to them, and stands beneath the tree.

No-one moves or speaks. Your tree has blossomed. Are you glad? I have come. What, not a word? Can you help me? The Scarlet Pierrot. What is your trouble? The Pierrette. I do not know ; I am unhappy.

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This is nonsense; she has been won. Yes, she belongs to me. Belongs to you? I wonder. To hear what? To be told a simple thing. That love is good. That is a legend. It is the only legend — Love is good. Come — You belong to me. You are wrong, she belongs to love. What are you talking about? You shall be beaten. Moves up to him threatingly. Yes, you have said that before. And a thousand years ago. This fellow is mad. Come — beat him, break him. The crowd makes towards him. Let them, my child. Don't you under- stand? Can't you feel that there is something to learn? Love is good. It is the only legend.

The Pierrot looks at the hurt Pierrot.


As though in spite of himself he goes to him and kneels by him. He calls — bring me some water. He bathes his face and lifts him to his feet.

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Still as though not realising what he is doing, he leads him up to the Scarlet Pierrot, and stands staring at him. Love is good — that is strange, strange. Are you mad as well! Would you be beaten for no wits too? The crowd moves angrily. The Hurt Pierrot feebly but exultingly. I have it ; why has no one told us of this before? That is a new, strange thing. He leads them to the step, placing her between the Pierrots.

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You will teach them all. There are three of you, that is enough. Say it — together. The Three. Love is good — It is the only legend. Go, back to your city — tell everybod — three of you — strong, fearless now. You are enough. They go, dowi towards the city. The Pierrot moves back towards the tree, watching them.

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Storey Pratinjau tidak tersedia - Informasi bibliografi. Storey Princeton University Press , 14 Jul - halaman 0 Resensi This book, a companion to the author's Pierrot: A Critical History of a Mask Princeton, , provides a detailed history of nineteenth-century French pantomime, from the feeries of Jean-Gaspard Deburau at the Theatre des Funambules to the cabaret entertainments of Georges Wague at the height of la Belle Epoque. Lyssna fritt i 30 dagar! Ange kod: play Du kanske gillar. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit.