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It uses elements of ACT Therapy. It uses concepts of Mindfulness Training. It uses techniques from Cognitive Behavior Therapy and findings from cognitive neuroscience. It makes use of techniques from a wide variety of therapies and psychological theories and findings. A louder message goes in one ear while a softer message goes in the other at the same time.

Both are in the audible range. The brain focuses on one more than the other. Messages are received without argument or debate and go deeper. Messages are conclusions of truth, not debates. Two messages are given at the same time, one loud and one soft, going back and forth, right to left and left to right. The messages going back and forth also have an increased impact on the brain. It is adaptable to whoever listens. So what is this RightMind weight loss and strengthening program and what is it doing…….

Well, it is a lot of things and its doing a lot of things…. But they will know that something important and valuable is happening. And other people will be very aware and interested in all sorts of details about what is going on at various levels…. This RM program is at its deepest core about finding wounds and bringing healing to the wounds that relate to weight loss and fitness.

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Humanness is about these two paradoxical issues. All humans are a combination of wounds and woundedness that needs healing at the same time all humans are this source of health and wellness that can be accessed and utilized. We seem to want to pretend that we are one or the other or more of one or the other… or that one is a mistake and the other is good. That is wrong…. We are supposed to be this combination of wounds and resources, wounds and beauty…….

So that is why RM is like this movie that has both darkness and light….

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It embraces both. Our wounds are not mistakes…. RightMind is also about the vast hidden universes that are us that most people want to pretend are not there. Humans are like ice bergs…. So RM is about the truth of there being the hugeness underneath…. So a RM theme is Yes, Thelma, Fred,,, you are healers and you can muck around on the inside stuff… as you are designed to do and RM will help you more easily do it.

You can be excited to look deep inside and find great solutions…. And that there are tools that can help us do the work better….

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This RM program is far more about the user than it is about the creator of the program. The magician in RM is the user, not Dr. David Illig…. The magic of Dr.

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  • Illig is that he is able to get out of the way and allow connections within the user that make the difference. Illig is that he created a program that works with me…. Its not about him… its about us and our magic…. Another key element of RM is that all people are victims of damaging programming and that we need positive programming.

    High repetition indirect programming is an issue in human health. There is damaging high repetition indirect programming that needs to be defended against….. And we need wise and helpful information presented in a high repetition indirect and direct manner. We need to get the important information not just to the surface brain but to the deeper brain.

    RM does all these things…..

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    Part of the magic of RM is that it allows you to always be doing something else you would be doing anyway, so there is never an excuse of not having time. What they think of our body and our weight can seriously impact the way we think, act, feel and eat. Whether we like it or not, we are a product of our environment. When we experience physical, mental or emotional stress our subconscious survival instincts kick in. This is called our fight or flight response and enables us to confront danger or escape it. Evolution has designed our bodies for fight or flight.

    Affirmations For Thinking Thin - Weight Loss Affirmations - Affirmations for Weight Loss That Work!

    In primal times when food was scarce these instincts helped us survive. When faced with a famine our bodies would naturally go into fight or flight mode. This would trigger the release of cortisol into our blood, which tells our body to store fat to help us survive this period of starvation.

    In the modern times this mechanism can do more harm than good, especially where our weight is concerned. Our bodies simply cannot differentiate between modern day stress and primitive stress. So when your boss is yelling at you, your body responds by telling you to eat up and store fat for the upcoming bad times.

    Acute or chronic stress can activate your subconscious survival programs making your body more prone to storing fat.

    Training Your Mind For Fat Loss

    This is why many people gain weight when they experience loss, trauma or a major life change. Habits are created when we do something over and over again. Having the occasional treat or missing your morning walk every once in a while is perfectly normal. The problem comes from constantly repeating a poor choice until it becomes a habit. For example, an occasional meal in front of the television is perfectly fine.

    However when you start eating in front of the television night after night it will quickly become a habit. Billboards, texts, radio, television and the internet implore us to buy, switch and bundle, all while promising convenience, beauty and envy from those around us. Yes advertising plays a major part in forming our subconscious beliefs about food. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to reprogram your old and outdated subconscious fat programs and help you shed your unwanted and excess weight. So what are you waiting for?

    Download the free HypnoSlim App today and begin creating the body of your dreams, all from the comfort of your own home.

    How They Work: How to Use your Subconscious Brain for Easier and Greater Weight Loss.

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