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My Revision Notes: OCR A Level Psychology by Sarah Byrne | Gardners List - Excluded at The Works

Book 1 covers research methods, all 20 core studies plus the full A Level range of areas, perspectives, debates, and methodological issues. The book follows a spread-by-spread approach so learning can be broken down into week-by-week topics. Book 2 contains detailed material for Component 03 Applied Psychology on issues in mental health and all four options.

We use cookies. In the sidebar you will find a form to get a free Psych Yogi revision guide to further help you with you studies. Making a case, Reaching a verdict and After a guilty verdict. Why is this? Just for clarification I could get away with only revising those categories?

OCR Psychology: AS Revision Guide

Why could I leave one out? In the exam you have the option to choose 2 of 4 questions per unit. Issues and approaches. Loftus and Palmer eyewitness testimony. Baron-Cohen et al. Savage-Rumbaugh et al. Samuel and Bryant conservation. Bandura et al.

AS Psychology Revision Guide for OCR

Freud Little Hans. Maguire et al. Dement and Kleitman sleep and dreaming.

  1. Stress-Free Returns;
  2. Case Study Interlock Industries.
  3. Psychology Workbooks, Resources & Revision Guides?
  4. Representation in Western Music?

Sperry split-brain. Milgram obedience. Reicher and Haslam BBC prison study. Piliavin et al. Rosenhan sane in insane places. Thigpen and Cleckley multiple personality disorder. Griffiths gambling. Glossary plus index. See All Customer Reviews.

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  • Usually ships within 1 week. Packed full of revision tips and techniques, the book includes a number of unique and helpful features: Overviews of the OCR specification content Coverage of all the core studies A separate chapter dedicated to research methods and preparing for the exam A large number of exam-style questions and answers, annotated with teacher comments Separate sections for each unit exam on how to answer questions successfully A comprehensive glossary of important terms and their definitions, to aid understanding of the material.