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Befitting an artist of her stature, there have been many gallons of ink spilled, and trees cut down, to fill books about her life. There have also been multiple documentaries and DVDs made. Nina Simone was a powerhouse on her myriad of studio albums, but take a minute to search through live performance video of her on YouTube, and you find out she was at her most powerful and magnetic and unbelievable when she was attacking a stage. Near as I can tell, this is the first longform film about Simone.

This Netflix doc almost won an Oscar this year, losing out to Amy. This was the only one ever shipped by Jaguar to France where it was collected by Nina in Paris, her British ancestry accounting for the fact it was a right-hand drive. James Denison, from auctioneers Brightwells of Leominster, Herefordshire, which is selling the car, said: 'This E-Type is a truly exciting find with the gripping tale of a beautiful but ill-fated princess behind it.

Nina Dyer pictured was born in to wealthy British parents. She pursued a career in fashion from the age of 20 and moved to Paris. The car was the only one ever shipped by Jaguar to France where it was collected by Nina in Paris document above , her British ancestry accounting for the fact it was a right-hand drive. Nina Dyer was born in to wealthy British parents. She had an affair with and then married billionaire industrialist von Thyssen, heir to the vast Thyssen steel and armaments empire.

Her husband lavished her with cars, jewellery, the two black panthers and Pellew Island in the Caribbean. The marriage did not last due to the pair's infidelity and Nina walked away with a divorce settlement that included a sprawling French chateau. They married in and she took the name Princess Nina Aga Khan.

He too showered his wife with gifts, including the E-Type. After they separated Nina fell into a state of depression and she committed suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. She was aged Her E-Type Jaguar will be sold on November Describing the moment he uncovered the vehicle, Mr Edwards said: 'I was driving up a road on the south of the island when I saw it sitting in a scrapyard.

I knew what it was straight away - you don't miss an E-Type. Even though it was in such bad shape I knew how much some people pay for old E-Types so began talking to the owner. He added: 'Unfortunately I don't have time to carry out a restoration myself so I've decided to sell it. Describing the moment he uncovered the vehicle, Mr Edwards said: 'I was driving up a road when I saw it sitting in a scrapyard. I knew what it was straight away - you don't miss an E-Type'. If the price you offer is greater than or equal to the price the Broker will spill for, you'll get the information.

You'll get 4 chances to do this Of course, you could easily bet a huge amount of Zenny to get the information, but it's better to attempt to get the cheapest amount possible. The information is worth Z. A man behind the Tavern sells them, but you'll need the "password" to deal with him. The broker tells you that he just saw a travelling merchant leave town, and that you should go to the Highway outside of town to look for him in order to obtain the password.

Afterwards, the Broker will give you a Ginseng for your patronage. She could use a Sage's Staff and a Bandana. Also be sure to buy some fishing equipment from the Item Shop Now head back out onto the World Map. Just east of Sarai is a? With your new fishing gear, go fishing! Go east of Sarai and you'll find the Merchant on the road between the Cliff and the town. Since you came all the way out here looking for him, he'll give you the password for free, this time!

He'll give you some Aurum for finding him, but to deal with him you'll have to give the bartender the password. So go back to the tavern, tell the bartender the password, and meet with the merchant. He'll tell you about a place called Sandflier Valley, a junkyard full of old and busted Sandfliers. If you can go and get some material, the merchant will be able to make some spare parts. The Sandflier Valley is located to the south of Sarai. From there, walk to the south and examine the steering wheel of the crashed Sandflier and move its rudder to the right.

Run back down where you entered, and into the path that was blocked by the rudder. Grab the treasure chest to the north for Zenny. Return back to the steering wheel, this time turning the wheel to the left you'll have to move it twice to get it fully into position. Then return back to the starting point, and go past the rudder to the south. Proceed south and go through the cracked shell of another unfortunate Sandflier, then enter through the hole on the side of the Sandflier to your east.

Once inside, first go the upstairs and up the ladder to reach the deck, and open up the nearby chest to pick up a Brass Helm. Then go back down and operate the Winch, causing the Anchor outside to drop down to ground level. Go back out, then go stand on the platform that lowered when you operated the lever. It will carry you back up to the top.

Once you disembark, proceed to the north, into the building. Talk to the old man inside and he'll tell you that lots of parts are buried in the sand near here, but in order to find them you'll need both a shovel and a dog to sniff them out. He'll loan you both for 50 Zenny. Agree and you'll be in the circular section of desert on the other side of the building. Time for another mini-game! He'll only be able to sniff out three things at a time, but in actuality there are seven different things hidden beneath the sand.

The Ship Parts are located more or less directly in the middle of the desert, while other notable goodies such as a Sage's Staff, 2 Glass Shards, some Iron Scraps, a Flattop fishing lure , and a Molotov can also be found hidden in the sand. The object is to remember the positions where the dog barked, then go over to them and dig a hole by pressing the X button.

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Unfortunately the shovel will break after only a few uses, and striking an item speeds up the process even more. However, you can always go back to the old man and borrow the dog and shovel again, for 50Z of course. Return to Sarai and visit our merchant friend to see about getting some spare parts made! However, on your way back into the Tavern you'll find that a soldier is interrogating a merchant the very same one who you "met" at the beginning of the game about the monster he supposedly saw.

The merchant refuses and the soldier quickly puts him to waste with a powerful magical attack. Nina rushes in to intervene, but when the Imperial Soldier suddenly realizes this is really Princess Nina of Wyndia, he orders that she be taken captive. He then summons Joh, a Warrior Spirit, in order to take Nina hostage! Drops Aurum. Even with just Nina, this shouldn't be a hard fight at all.

Just lay into him with Nina's Sever spell and he'll go down in a few turns' time.

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The only thing you'll have to watch out for is Joh's "Flail" ability, which hits 8 times with an average of HP per hit. Each individual attack is fairly inaccurate, but it still adds up. Ryu and Nina quickly escape and the Soldier orders the others after you. Back on the World Map, you'll have to find a place to hide. Run to the east of Sarai and an! After eluding the Imperial troops, Nina and Ryu stand around deciding what to do when suddenly the Merchant from before shows up.

As thanks for saving him, he'll tell you about a road leading north of Sarai, towards the desert town of Chamba. Since you can't get into Sarai now, head north along the newly-formed road to reach Chamba. On the next level up up the stairs , you'll find the item and equipment shop Also in the same building is a Mogu look-a-like you will let you use the beds to rest as well as save your adventure.

Additionally, by searching the cabinet in the Inn, you can pick up 2 Panaceas. At the top of the town you'll find an old man who mentiones something about the "Hex" Apparently it was used as a weapon during the war. You'll also learn about the "Purifiers" Nina suggests that they find out more about them and decides to go and talk to them. The boss of the purifiers, Tahb, can be found in the house on the middle level. Talk to him and choose to wait until after dinner. Afterwards, Nina asks about a way out of the town, but Tahb insists that travel through the Hex is impossible without a specialized suit of armor.

However, he mentions that with a guide you just might be able to get through the Hex and get to the other side of Chamba. Run around and talk to the townspeople but you'll find that nobody is willing to guide you through the Hex. You'll find Tahb standing outside the headquarters, so go and talk to him again.

After a rather lengthy conversation, another of the purifiers will burst through the gate, scaring the wits out of everyone. After a quick introduction, Ershin the Purifier will offer to guide the two through the Hex. She will then join your party. Before heading off to the next area, I recommend you go and learn the "Burn" skill if you don't have it already. Try to have Ryu learn it Also be sure to equip the Life Sandals on someone preferably Nina , as the monsters in the next area have some status-changing attacks. After making sure you're ready, proceed through the gate to get to the Hex-infested area of Chamba.

Once inside the Hex-infested part of Chamba, walk to your northwest, and then south, across the bridge over to the next rooftop. Proceed to the south, crossing a few more roof-tops and you'll come to a chest. Open it up to obtain 3 Healing Herbs, then go back north a short ways.

Head across the planked bridge near the southwest corner of the rooftop, and pass through the abandoned house. Continue to the west, and up the ladder that you come to. Pass through the next building and follow the path across bridges and rooftops until you come to reach the far northwest corner, where there is a chest with Zenny, and a bridge leading to the left, to the next screen. Loot the chest, then proceed to the next screen.

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On the next screen, Ryu, Nina, and Ershin will split up into two separate parties. Ershin will go down into the mist by herself, while Ryu and Nina continue crossing via the rooftops. As Ershin, climb down the ladder and stand in front of the crate blocking the path.

Switch to Ryu, then move northwest and jump across the gap, and go and stand on the crate closest to the entrance. The crate you are standing on will lower, while the other will be raised. Then switch back to Ershin and proceed under the raised crate, and be sure to climb the ladder behind the nearby house to access the treasure chest above, which contains a Molotov.

Switch back to Ryu and Nina, and move them off the crate so that it goes back up. Then, switch back to Ershin and stand on the crate near the Molotov chest. Now as Ryu and Nina, you can run across the crate near the entrance without it lowering. Ershin will point you over towards the valve in the lower-right.

First take the exit back to the previous room to access the chest atop the ramp, which contains a Waistcloth. Then go back and proceed to the south-east, and jump across the gap to reach the valve. Examine it, and you'll be switched to Ershin, who must go to the other valve. Climb down from the roof, and follow the path to the north. Loop all the way around to the south-east corner, and examine the bottom valve.

The three will open both valves at the same time, clearing out some of the Hex and thus allowing Ryu and Nina to proceed to the lower part of the room. You'll automatically proceed into the next area. Jump across to the west and as you cross the bridge a strange sound fills the air. After the sequence, continue along through the next house, and soon you'll find out that a monster is lurking in the mist beneath you! Continue along, but it would appear the monster is following you and won't let you get away so easily!

As Ryu, press the O button rapidly to run across the bridge as the monster destroys it. When you make it to the other roof-top, the monster will emerge once more and you'll have to fight! Drops Antidote, Fish-Head. Venom Breath: Can inflict 'poison' status on all allies Confuse: Can inflict 'Confuse' status on one target This is your first 'real' boss battle.

If you keep yourself in decent condition it shouldn't be that hard, but this boss has the ability to both Poison and Confuse your characters, making matters a bit hairy. The Burn and Sever spells will combine to form 'Firewind', which will deal quite a bit of damage to this boss. If you keep up this strategy, and have Ershin use Herbs to restore your HP if it starts running low, you shouldn't have much trouble bringing the Skullfish down.

It's also worth noting that the Skullfish is also undead, which means Holy-based attacks such as Heal will hurt it. On the west side of the wall is a ladder leading down outside the city. Use it and you will end up back in the desert. Afterwards, Nina thanks Ershin for her help, but rather than accepting a reward, Ershin decides that she wishes to accompany Ryu for some unknown reason. Everyone agrees, and decides to head back to the Crash site where Cray has been waiting. Back on the World Map, head back to the crash site, and you'll meet up with Cray, who is still guarding the sandflier.

After an introduction sequence, Nina admits that she couldn't get the parts they needed, but it doesn't really matter, Cray's just glad to have everyone back safe. During the night you'll have a dream sequence.

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You'll get to control the party of Ryu, Nina, and Cray in the dream The monsters in this area are a bit tough, but give good experience. The Armors also sometimes actually, rarely drop some good equipment when defeated Though it's not necessary to try and get them, they will help you out quite a bit. They are pretty rare drops, however Also, note that you can learn the "Wild Swing" skill from them When you're ready to proceed, head west through the building, and make your way to the north-east corner.

Before the stairs are two doors you can enter Proceed up the stairs, through the door, and along the corridor.

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Go through the next door and examine one of the dressers in the next room to find another piece of Aurum. Go behind the curtain and you'll have a short sequence where two strange men suddenly enter the area. Cray comments that if you walk slowly behind the curtain you should be able to avoid being seen. Do so, and once you reach the other side the dream will suddenly stop. You'll now be back in the desert and Nina will tell Cray about the strange dream. It seems that everyone had the same dream, and Ershin suggests it is because of the 'Dragon's Eye' that Ryu carries.

After a short conversation you'll be back on the World Map. Your next target is the valley of Kurok, to the west of Chamba. Also note that now you can re-enter Sarai again, as well as go fishing. I recommend getting it. You can learn another skill here, 'Command' from the Red Caps. This is also a good opportunity to get experience, as by using the 'Blind' skill on the Flue Goos, they will cough up three times as much experience as normal EXP! It will only work if the Flue Goo was actually Blinded by the attack if you got the Moon Sword Ryu might actually end up killing the Goo with the Blind attack.

If you care to gain experience like this, equip the Bowie Knife back on him to help avoid this. Just move to the west through the valley, and you will soon meet Rwolf, a wolf-like creature who will be your first Master. Since Rwolf is magic based, he offers bonuses to AP and Wisdom, but a penalty to Power, Nina is a good choice for apprenticing to Rwolf, as the bonuses will even further strengthen Nina's awesome magical power.

If you'd care to exchange a bit of Ryu's power for some magical strength, you may want to sign Ryu up as well. Also, you should be able to go ahead and complete Rwolf's first task at this point, which is to perform a combo containing 5 or more hits. It can be done at this point Upon completing this task he'll teach you the Eddy skill.

However, there's a bit of a dilemma regarding who you should give it to. Eddy is a wind-based attack, and since Nina already has Sever, giving it to her is useless. Ershin's magic is the pits, so giving it to her is also probably not a good idea. I gave it to Ryu, considering Cray's magic strength also isn't all that great plus the fact that he already has a spell that affects all enemies, Rock Blast. Once you're ready to proceed, continue west through the valley.

Before going down the ramp to the west of Rwolf, run along the north ledge to reach a treasure chest which contains a Deep Diver fishing lure. Then go back and run down the ramp, and continue west through the valley. Once you reach the "bottom" go back to the east and around the path until you come back out on the World Map again well that was rather short, wasn't it? Continue to the west to reach the Dam. Turns out that a Dragon seems to be running around inside the Dam, and lately he's been "acting crazy" as the worker puts it, so everyone ran off.

He tells the party that if they're going across the river they should be careful. You'll now regain control of the party. Move to the east and descend the ladder, and continue making your way downwards. Once you reach the bottom, climb down the ladder "inside" the doorway, and walk down the corridor to the west to reach an underground area.

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Follow along this pathway and go back outside through the exit at the end of the path. Run downstairs and talk to the Rand look-a-like if you want, then continue down the ladder to reach the ground at the bottom. Walk along the wooden planks and jump over the gap to the other side of the "river". The guy at the end of the path will tell you that to get to the other side of the river, you'll need to close up the sluice which was behind the barred door that you probably saw earlier. He mentions that the guy with the tube the one just to your south has the key to the sluice.

Go and talk to him, and he will give you the Sluice Key what, no mini game this time? Now run back to the dam and go back inside to the underground area. Make your way back to the entrance point and use the Key to open the door. Pull the lever to activate the sluice, which will lower the wooden plank outside. Go back outside and up the ladder, and cross the sluice. Go up the ladder on the other side and pick up the Short Sword in the treasure chest you won't have much need of this if you got the Moon Sword from the Bandits earlier.

Then go back and go down the ladder to your south, and go in the door on the east side of the Dam. Unlock the door and activate the sluice as you did before, which will make the other wooden plank descend into place. Well, it will start to at least, until it suddenly stops.

A Momo look-a-like enters the room and in order to get it started, you'll have to play another mini-game Your objective this time is to manually spin the flywheel on the sluice, and press the O button at the right time in order to activate it. Turn the flywheel by rotating the control pad in a circular motion, either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

The trick is to start out slow, and progressively speed up as the flywheel gains momentum. When the flywheel starts emitting a high-pitched sound, this is your signal to press the O button and start the machine. However, Ryu can't keep up the spinning forever, and if it starts spinning too quickly for too long he'll start to get tired and won't be able to keep up.

As stated before, start out slowly and work up speed as the wheel gains momentum. Once it makes that high-pitched noise, that's your cue to press the O button. Talk to the worker again and she will give you a Toad for your hard work. Before going back up the ladder, head outside through the south exit, and go west to find a chest that contains 2 Vitamins.

Then go back inside, and back up the ladder. Now that both sluices have been opened, the "river" will have run dry. Cross the wooden plank that descended when you opened the second sluice, and go up the ladder and over to the north-east corner for a chest that contains 2 Swallow Eyes.

Now go back down the ladder and enter the room on the east. Run through the underground passage and when you come out the other side, make your way down to the blue lever and pull it. This will lower the bridge that leads over to the other side of the river. Now that you are done with the Key, run across the bridge, talk to the guy who told you about the Key in the first place and return the Key to him. He'll then start to operate the lift, but the Mogu guy at the top of the dam suddenly starts ringing the bell, yelling that the sluice has broken and the mud is overflowing!

This is thanks to the dragon that has been running amuck in the Dam. The foreman flees the area, leaving behind the Crank in the process. Looks like you'll have to work the lift yourselves!

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Run over to the lift and examine it, and you'll start to activate it using the Crank. Unfortunately, the lift doesn't move. Cray suggests fiddling with the handle, so rapidly press the X button to manually bring the lift down to you. However, in the meantime a literal tsunami of mud begins to sweep across the entire dam! Quickly bring down the lift and you'll escape the landslide of mud just in time. Your party will then leave the Dam, and you'll be back on the World Map.

Move north and enter the place where the! After watching the sunset, the Dragon from the Dam suddenly appears. Even more interesting than the seemingly playful Dragon is the mysterious woman who looks like Yoda with glasses who mentions that it is "trying to tell you something". Cough up the Zenny and listen to her "song".

After the sequence, you'll be back on the World Map, again. Move east and you will reach the town of Kyria. If you come across this, you can pull off your hit combo right here by using Rock Blast, followed by Burn. If you do, be sure to go back to Rwolf and get your new magic, Plateau.

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Since Cray is earth based, meaning he will learn similar spells on his own, I recommend giving it to either Ryu or Nina preferably Nina. Only problem is, you can get caught in these traps as well. Watch out for suspicious-looking spots on the ground, stepping on them will cause various and probably undesirable effects. They're not tough, and give hardly any EXP, so waste 'em if you want, but there's no point in really doing so. Likewise, searching the dog house near the Mayor's house will throw you into a fight with a BeeTroop. By falling down the hole in the far north-west corner of town, you can get to the underground, where you can find a chest containing Zenny.

After climbing back up, use Cray to push the barrels out of your way so you can get back out. If you try going into the Mayor's house a cage will drop down around you, barring entrance to the house. To get in, you'll have to fall down the other hole and climb up the ladder. This will take you up into the Mayor's house. Once inside, search the bookcase to find a Fish-Head, then talk to the parrot. Choose the second option "We really have no time for this Finally ask about the Mayor, and the parrot will tell you he's off in the woods to the west.

Looks like we're going to have to go out looking for him Rest and Save at the Inn if you need to, and talk to the Manilo near the entrance to buy or sell items. Buy a Glass Domino for anyone who doesn't have one already, and stock up on Healing Herbs and Ammonia if you need. Then, head out of Kyria and go west to the Woods, to look for the Mayor He'll explain the situation Either he got stuck in one of his own traps, or the monster that inhabits the woods got him.

The man gives you an Apple, which you can use to lure the monster out with. If you somehow "lose" i. You should go ahead and do this anyway, just to assure that you don't have to come back for more later. Go ahead, kick down as many as you want. Go in that direction, onto the next screen. You'll now come to a clearing with a well and a few holes. Run up the hill to the east of the well and you'll notice a cage above you it's not obvious-looking or anything. If you stand under it it'll fall onto you, but you can break out using the directional pad. Fall down the hole next to the cage and you'll land near a chest containing 4 Healing Herbs.

Loot the chest, then go back up the ladder to come out of the well. Head south of the well and you'll notice a metal plate hanging on a pole again, it's pretty obvious. Standing under it will cause it to fall on you and confuse you for a few seconds your character will move in the opposite direction as you press the directional pad. Run up the hill to the south and you'll notice another cage to the east. Now go up the hill to the north of this cage and you'll find another pole, this time with a treasure chest hanging from it.

If you stand under it, the chest will fall and squash you kinda funny to watch, actually , but at least you'll get the contents out of it Now return to the cage, and run south, down the hill, and fall down into the hole you come to, and you'll land near the chest that is more or less in the center of the well.

You'll find an Aura Ring inside! Climb back out of the well again, then go to the nearest stump and examine it to place an Apple on it. Once the boar eats the apple quickly follow its tracks! You'll have to be quick and careful at the same time After following the tracks, you'll end up on the next screen. Depending on which stump you place the apple on, the boar may lead you to a few treasure chests I will check this myself soon and try to add in the exact locations of these stumps.

Jump to the other side, and continue along the path, jumping across several gaps along the way. When you reach the top, first jump across the waterfall at the top to pick up a bag with a Wisdom Seed inside. Then jump back across, and continue to the top of the hill. Make sure your characters are in good condition, then exit to the north to get to the next screen. You'll find the Mayor and the boar on the next screen.

The Boar walks into a trap set by the Mayor, but it manages to get away. However, as the Mayor stands laughing, a BIG and quite pissed-off boar drops down from the sky! Drops Apple, Flame Punch. Rock Blast: Weak earth-based attack against all targets Body Press: Stomping attack against one target It's been a while since the last boss battle, hasn't it? This battle shouldn't be too hard. I recommend a party of Cray, Nina, and Ryu for this fight If you have any Apples on hand, use them on the boar to distract it momentarily.

It has a lot of earth-based attacks, and is a bit resistant to earth itself, so Cray's earth magic won't deal a whole lot of damage to it. Have Nina use an Apple if you have any left on the Maman, or cast her Sever spell or heal, if needed. Be sure to equip the Flame Punch to Ershin unless you got the Raptor Claws from the Armor during the dream sequence , then return to Kyria.

After a conversation with the Mayor, he will grant you permission to use the passageway that leads to the town of Synesta. You'll rest at the Inn for the night, but during the night you'll be switched back to the emperor Fou-Lu, who is safe in the house of a man named Bunyan whom you may recognize from BoF3.

After a short sequence, you'll be back with Ryu in Kyria again. Along the way Cray will fall into a hole, which means you'll have to climb back out before you can be on your way. Also this is a good place to get experience, since the Puspools appear rather often, sometimes in groups of two. Remember, using Burn on them doubles the amount of EXP they give! Run north through the cave passage, and enter the water-filled room on the right. Head straight across to the other riverbank to the east, and look for a chest at the dead-end which contains a Water Bomb.

Head back into the water-filled area and run north, upstream. Follow the "river" all the way to the north, where it will lead to a room with a lake in the middle. Run around the outside of the lake and jump across using the stepping-stone in the middle. Then enter the cave to your east.

Walk a little ways and the path will branch off in two different directions. First, go north to reach a dead-end, where you'll find a chest containing some Ammonia. Run back to the branch, and take the south path this time. Proceed for a while, until you reach the exit to the cave at the far north. You'll come out into another water-filled room.

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You'll fight Cadavers in this area, who you can learn the "Feint" skill from. Walk along the shallow part of the water and climb up the stairs to the north. Continue climbing, but keep on the look-out for a spot where you can jump over to a platform to the north. You'll find a chest over there with Zenny inside. Be sure to get it, then jump back across and continue climbing your way up to the top.

Enter the cave at the top, then follow the path some more and you'll end up what looks like inside a well. Climb the ladder, and sure enough, you'll find yourself smack in the middle of Synesta! However, the lady won't be able to talk to you until she gets the kids' food ready. Run outside and you'll find her chasing down Chino, a mischievious kid. After a failed attempt at trying to catch him run back up and talk to the lady, then to Chino. He'll run off If he sees you coming he'll run in the opposite direction, so you'll have to cut him off in order to nap him.

After finally catching him he'll return home, and the nun at the house will tell you what she knows about Princess Elina. Chino will suddenly run upstairs, proclaiming that if you can find everyone in a game of hide-and-seek he will tell you where Princess Elina went. And in a town with as confusing a layout as this one, won't that be fun Two of them can be found just inside, on the western side of the orphanage right out in the open, not really hard to find at all.

Another child can be found in the doorway just to the east of the well. One can be found on the stairs leading out of town, and another can be found "hiding" behind the stairs just north of the well. The next child can be found upstairs in the inn the building near the marketplace.

The last child who can hardly be seen at all is hiding on the stairs that separate the lower walkway that circles around the town with the upper area. Chino, as you would expect, is still missing. Talk to the nun and the frog child behind you will say that Chino went to hide down in the "cellar", the area of the city that is still infested with monsters.

The entrance to the cellar is the guarded stairway on the top level, in the far south-west corner of town. Talk to the guard and he'll shout for a bit, then complain about being thirsty. Stand a safe distance away and wait for the water-lady to come near, and the guard will leave the stairway to get some water. Now's your chance to sneak down into the cellar! Once down in the cellar below Synesta, walk down the stairs leading down into the hole. Continue into the next room to reach a corridor with several doors leading off to the east.

You can find an Ammonia hidden on one of the shelves in the bottom room, while in the top room is empty, except for a couple of beds? Move to the north, and down the stairs at the end of the next corridor. You'll now find yourself among a maze of scattered jars and upturned benches.


Head through this room, but be sure to examine the shelf behind the bar for a Protein. Exit through the open door to the south, and up the stairs in the next room. Examine the bookcase on the west wall to receive 80 Zenny, then proceed along the hall to the north. Run down the long and winding staircase in the next room, and you'll reach the "jail" at the bottom. Sure enough, you'll find Chino "hiding" in one of the cells but you won't be able to reach him just yet. Proceed north and into the next cell to find a bag containing some Raptor Claws equip these to Ershin if you don't have them yet.

Continue to the north and up the stairs, to reach a room above with two more cells. Stand on the loose planks in the floor in the bottom cell and you'll fall down to where Chino is! After talking to him, you'll end up back at the orphanage. He'll tell you that as Elina was leaving Synesta, she was approached by a few people, one of which was Marlok, a merchant who lives in town.

His house is the one of the bodyguard standing in front of it. Since he isn't going to let you in peacefully, you'll have to fight your way past him! Drops Ginseng. It will increase your attack power and counter-attack rate. I used a party of Ryu, Cray, and Ershin for this battle. Have Ershin attack or use an Herb if someone needs healing. If someone needs healing have Ershin use an Herb or bring in Nina to cast a Heal or Rejuvenate spell on them.

This boss shouldn't be all that hard to take down. After the conversation, you'll learn that Elina was supposedly taken to the Empire on the west continent.