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Torrey Bot. Farlow WG. Memoir of Asa Gray.

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Gray A. In: Gray JL. Letters of Asa Gray. References -- life: Dupree, AH Asa Gray, Gray, JL. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

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Includes autobiography, Sargent, CS. Reprinted from the "Sun" newspaper of Jan. References -- works: [Goodale, GL et al. List of the writings of Dr. Chronologically arranged with an index, [New Haven, ].

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Sargent, CS ed. Scientific papers of Asa Gray. Series description Series I. Biographical materials, Gray, and Jane Gray's edition of the letters of Asa Gray. Also includes an Isaac Sprague original illustration of the Gray House from Series II. Correspondence, This series includes a portion of Gray's correspondence: letters from scientific societies, correspondence with Harvard administration, communications pertaining to the Wilkes Expedition, and copies of a number of letters from Gray, prepared for his wife's edition of his letters.

Series III. Botanical manuscripts, There are a few fragments of botanical manuscripts as well as a number of notebooks containing Gray's notes on specimens in different herbaria, mostly European. Harvard University.


Reasonator Scholia Statistics. Gray es ; A. Gray fr ; A. Gray, Gray, A.

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    6. Pages in category "Asa Gray" This category contains only the following page. Asa Gray. After accepting the professorship of botany at the newly founded University of Michigan, Gray sailed for Europe in to purchase books for the university and to study the type specimens of American plants in various herbaria. The year-long trip not only prepared Gray for his later task of coordinating North American botany but also laid the foundation of his lifelong friendship with leading European botanists.

      However, because the opening of the university was delayed, Gray never assumed the professorship. In Gray became professor of natural history at Harvard, a post he held until retiring in The first edition of his Botanical Text-Book was long a standard work that did much to unify the interpretation and application of technical terms in America. Gray never lost his early interest in popular instruction; he produced five other textbooks, all important in lower-school education.

      While at Harvard, Gray became the unofficial but widely recognized coordinator of American botany, maintaining regular correspondence with prominent European botanists and receiving a constant supply of specimens from U. He created the Harvard department of botany and made its herbarium and botanical garden the finest in America. Gray was a pioneer in the field of plant geography. In he published his most famous contribution to this field, a monograph on the botany of Japan and its relations to that of North America.

      He demonstrated that the similar flora in the two regions had originated in one center and had been dispersed as conditions permitted. This material was used by Charles Darwin to support his theory of evolution. To explain the migration of flora in this case, Gray suggested that past geological changes would have made it possible; he thus joined a dynamic theory of the earth with a theory of plant distribution. Relying greatly upon information supplied by James Dwight Dana, a Yale geologist, Gray showed that, on at least two occasions in the past, conditions existed that could have allowed continuity between the flora of the two regions.

      On Sept. Gray became Darwin's first American advocate and also one of his most searching critics. Although Gray accepted the main outlines of Darwin's theory, his insistence that evolution must be directed by some external force allowed him to preserve his own Presbyterian beliefs. After Gray's initial review of Darwin's Origin of Species in the American Journal of Science, of which he was a coeditor, Gray spent much of his life arguing on both a popular and a scientific level for the compatibility of evolutionary theory and religion.