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Now Phanet is married and is the pastor of a good sized church outside of the capital city. When Kayo and I first arrived in Cambodia, Sampoa worked for us as a house-helper going to the hot open-air market daily, cooking Cambodian food, helping with housework etc. Sampoa also became a special sister, especially to Kayo. The two oldest sons have mad strong professions of faith and been baptized.

The oldest son, Sok Heng, only 18 years old, a recent high school graduate, is now leading a 50 person cell group divided into 4 sub-groups with 4-assistant leaders! This cell group is in the church where my old friend Phanet is pastoring. Sok Heng came to us because he needs financial support to help him apply for a scholarship to study at a Bible School in Singapore. After Bible School, he wants to continue to minister in local churches and then go to the university and study Political Science. When Phany was thinking about going into politics, Darryl and Phany had many long talks on the subject.

Now Phany is in the process to being appointed to a high ranking postion in the national government while continuing his ministry with Kone Kmeng. Darryl shared a copy Christianity: Reasons for Faith and other videos and materials with Sok Heng to use in his cell group and future ministries. Darryl and Vice-Dean Kim Savun reconnect in a divinely arranged meeting after seven years.

Before, the breakfast moved from house to house, but recently it is moved into its regular location in the apartment of John, an Indian-American missionary who also lives in our same apartment building. The beginning of November, Matt, the missionary from Canada who usually organizes it, and other main helpers were all out of town.

When Darryl and Garland walked into the restaurant, they met Mr. Savun and other administrators from the RULE met the team at the door of the airport and escorted them through the special VIP terminal which the King etc. Since he did not have their e-mail addresses or other contact information, Darryl lost contact with them. Because they worked at the big university, it would have been hard to find them, and life got in the way. God apparently, wanted Darryl, Savun, and other non-Christian Cambodian friends from RULE to reconnect, so he arranged for them to meet at the restaurant.

Savun was there with his brother, a retired aircraft engineer. Instead of having, their planned breakfast for foreign men living in Cambodia, Darryl, Brandon, and Garland had breakfast with Savun and his brother. We all had a wonderful discussion in a very natural way. Darryl gave Mr. Savun the copy of the book that he had at the restaurant. When Darryl and Garland returned to the apartment, Darryl gave another copy of the Reasons for Faith book to him, to study with his Cambodian wife. I was very fortunate to have met you.

The magazine is complete with advertisements from major hotels,. Scientific Facts in the Bible. Many are placed in businesses, banks, hospitals, schools, and supermarkets around the city. They are also distributed to churches in the capital city and nation wide. In the rural churches, usually 20 families share one copy of the magazine.

Other opportunities to get together with former co-workers without the restrictions of workplace politics will follow. Now, Darryl has the freedom and opportunities to share his life, apologetics materials, and life with them on a whole new level. So, Darryl felt connected.

Since then, Darryl has been able to have two good, long phone conversations with his Dad, who is doing very well. Soksan, the Editor of Light Times Magazine, translated an evangelistic Facebook post for Darryl regarding the death of his mother and how as Christians, death is more like a graduation from a school. We miss them, but we know that they do not want to return from heaven to return to the difficult school called life. Darryl was able to share his faith with Sinath on a new level because he could talk about how he missed his mom, but that he had hope to see her again.

Darryl also gave Sinath a couple of issues of Light Times Magazine. His wife just had their second baby and so they need more income now. However, now with the new baby and a 4 year old, he cannot find 10 minutes of silence necessary to make a good recording without a baby crying or some other noise So he has taken a break for a few months. Other projects are in the process. Now the Cambodian language blog articles go out via Facebook and other social media platforms to more than 30, Cambodians.

The website, www. One week after my back pain started. I was already feeling better. He took a sick day and thought he would get better. The next day he got worse from both conditions. He could only sleep hours per night, rolling over or getting out of bed was agony and he could barely walk. Combined with the severe intestinal problems, he was miserable. Of course Kayo got exhausted too because Darryl disturbed her sleep when he had to get up in the middle of the night and try to get a little more sleep propped up on the hobbit sized sofa.

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Two weeks after my back pain started, I was back to normal activities, with only a little pain which continues to go away gradually.. Benjamin had a holiday from school so Kayo had to stay home with him. The car battery was dead. At the hospital, Darryl had complete lab work done, an abdominal ultrasound, and a back X-ray done.

The orthopedic doctor diagnosed Darryl with scoliosis curved spine , prescribed some heavy duty pain medicine and a back brace. Darryl contacted them and was able to get an appointment for the very next day. Just as she started to clean up the mess, the water pump in our apartment broke and we were without water for 18 hours. Kayo could only clean a little bit with wet wipes.

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Needless to say it was a miserable night. Early the next morning, Darryl went across town in the car, leaving a sick Benjamin, an exhausted Kayo, and a smelly apartment behind. It worked out the Physiotherapist clinic was located close to the Christian mechanic shop so Darryl took the car for repairs and them made his way over to the Physiotherapy clinic.

After a few more sessions, nearly all the rest of the pain is gone. The intestinal problems also went away. Exactly two weeks after the pain first started, Darryl was back to regular activities and was able to ride his bicycle again. He continues to do stretching and strengthening exercises and will return for a follow up appointment on November We thank God that situations changed and new sources of funds came in and we are no longer in an immediate financial crisis. However, we really need your prayers regarding our financial situation, because this is an area of great vulnerability, especially during a time of intense ministry.

I do not share these things to pressure you to feel like you are required to meet these needs or solve these problems.

Gospel of John Khmer

Our responsibility is to pray, trust, and obey. I just needed to write these needs down so that they can stop taking up space on the tired hard-drive of my mind and so that when God meets them, that we can join together and praise Him. He has always been faithful, even with bigger challenges than these. Thanks for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and partnership. May God continue to bless you! There is more that I could share, but I am getting tired of typing! Thanks for reading this long update! O death, where is your sting?

Connie Record, RN in in southern Missouri. Since she was a committed Christian, Darryl thinks of her funeral as a graduation ceremony. Just as none of us would want to return to high school or college after graduation, Darryl is comforted in knowing that his mom is much happier in heaven than she would be if she had to continue living on earth.

You can watch it here. The only way to find new challenges against the truth of Christianity, for new topics, was to join a few apologetics and Christians debate Atheists Facebook groups. Mostly Darryl just observes the debates for video ideas. However, a few times Darryl has felt led to post or comment. On at least three or four different occasions in the last month, belligerent atheists have come at him with a lot of prejudices and hostility but little evidence or logic. It must be freely given and freely received. I have no intention of forcing anything onto you.

Usually, after that, the atheists would stop the conversation before they could be given the Gospel, but their minds had been opened a little bit, their hearts had been softened a little bit, and a few seeds had been planted. How to Know the Truth 2. Prophecies the Jesus Christ Fulfilled 3. Did the Tower of Babel Really Exist? The inspiration of the Bible. In addition, Darryl still has his partnership with his Khmer narrator and has made additional connections to other Cambodian Christians who can help with videography, acting, and post-production.

In other words, Darryl finally has the opportunity to make professional quality videos! However, in order to fully take advantage of these opportunities, Darryl will need more financial resources because some of these Cambodians can afford to volunteer and others will need a small stipend poor college students etc.

Media Ministry Training. Last week, Darryl attended a three-day video training course at our International Church. Christian media experts one was a Ph. The script idea came fro m a Kenyan Christian lady. She had never used video editing software before. He also shared about his books, radio program, teaching, videos, website, and social media.

Several missionaries and Cambodian Christians are interested in partnering with him in the future. Please pray that God will open and close the doors for these partnerships. Kayo continues to be more and more involved with Precious Women ministry which evangelizes and re-trains women who work in bars and nightclubs who are at risk of sexual exploitation.

A Christian, world-class flute player, will come from Japan for the concert. Benjamin is doing well in school and is making friends. He enjoys frisbee club and is learning some unusual throws. We finally got him a new bicycle last week. Within a day, he was riding on his own like a boss! Please pray for our finances both in the short term and in the long term. Many of our most generous and faithful financial sponsors are either close to the end of their lives or are retiring. As a result, their financial donations will either end or decrease soon.

But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way. Daniel We spoke at around 20 church services and meetings and were able to reconnect with many but not all of our friends there as well. Fellowship with a church in Japan. We also talked about the importance of equipping young people with apologetics evidence so that their faith will not be shaken by challenges that they encounter in school, media, and social groups.

In Daniel , we see that Daniel and his friends must have had their faith based on a firm foundation so that they could continue to stand for their faith even though they were in a foreign land. Sadly, we see in modern times many young people who grow up in church leave their faith when they go away for college or careers. This pattern is not something that happens only in the USA but we met Japanese Christian young people who also struggled in the same way. As Cambodia develops both as a nation and in the church, this pattern is beginning to happen here as well.

This is why Darryl has been developing in many cases the only apologetics materials in the Cambodian language to equip church leaders and parents so that when their young people have doubts about their faith that they will be able to point them to reasonable answers. Unlike older generations that would primarily seek answers to their faith-challenges from their families or the church, many young Cambodians are seeking answers on the Internet and other media. We are encouraged to continue developing apologetics materials for distribution via the Internet and social media.

Darryl also shared 26 scripts with another Cambodian ministry to produce into short video dramas for Internet distribution. This ministry, made up of Cambodian young people, has produced high-quality videos in the Cambodian language that have received more than 22, views. Thanks for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and support. We thank God for his faithfulness to us during this term. We look forward to our time in Japan to encourage and reconnect with our senders there.

It has been four years since we were there. We will be in Japan from June 20 to August 12 when we will return to Cambodia to continue our ministries there. During the summer in Japan, Darryl will be able to continue writing apologetics scripts and producing short evangelistic videos in Cambodian language and sharing them via social media. Because we got our work permits just in time, Darryl was able to renew his Cambodian visa for another year.

Darryl finished his apologetics class at the Cambodian Presbyterian Theological Institute on May 24th.

TCM Julia Liles

His students prepared and acted out dialogues on various apologetics topics which Darryl video recorded. Please pray for wisdom and provision for Darryl to replace it for future class presentations. Still, the most important thing is that these 20 students are well equipped to defend their faith in their own churches and communities. Darryl continues to write and edit articles for Light Times Magazine. When we return to Cambodia from Japan, Darryl will probably get more involved with the Chinese ministry at the international church.

According to a Chinese pastor and many news reports, the pressure against Chinese Christians is increasing.

Some of them may be forced to leave China and emigrate to other nations around the world, including Cambodia. As this happens, there will be more opportunities and need to minister to Chinese expats in Cambodia. Kayo has been more involved in helping with the administration of Precious Women Ministry. They are making a positive impact in changing the lives and evangelizing women who by their economic circumstances are trapped in jobs in bars, karaoke bars, and nightclubs that often put them at risk for being exploited and trapped into prostitution etc.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and support during this term.

We believe that God will use our time in Japan for his glory. Skip to content. Darryl wrote the script and produced this video. Please pray that God bring other Christians, you know, to mind who might also be willing to be Great Commission Business Partners for the first time. Our ministries in Cambodia are to the Body of Christ in general, therefore we are able to be both ministry and financial partners with Christians from a broad range of Christian denominations etc.

If anyone wants to check our doctrine, we can send them a free apologetics e-book that Darryl co-authored with a medical doctor by request. My face is sad because the city where my ancestors are buried lies in ruins, and its gates have been destroyed by fire. This is what I ask. And let my people live, too. This is what I want. My people and I have been sold to be destroyed, to be killed and completely wiped out.

If we had been sold as male and female slaves, I would have kept quiet, because that would not be enough of a problem to bother the king. Here is why: If we are able to raise the funds through monthly financial partnerships, our ministries can continue to expand like never before! For example, some P k! If we are forced to return to the USA or Japan, we have no promising career paths and insufficient resettlement funds to transition back safely and smoothly.

The strategy involved leading questions intended to help the child share their feelings on the experiences leading up to, during, and following the war. The participants in this seminar enthusiastically embraced the homework assignments and actively participated in classroom discussions. According to their remarks following the seminar, the overwhelming response was positive. They reported that what they learned had a tremendous impact on their personal lives as well as how they viewed the needs of children. The women were amazed to find the needs of the children were so great.

One woman summed it up like this: " I thought that since the children were playing and going back to school that everything was fine. I realize now that everything is not fine. We must begin to reach out to the children to help in their healing process if we want a future for Liberia.

The Khmer Rouge communist forces won a five year struggle for control of Cambodia in , almost two million people died under this reign of terror. Vietnam invaded Cambodia and drove the Khmer Rouge into the countryside in Thirteen years of fighting followed the Vietnamese invasion. The UN sponsored elections in which helped to restore some semblance of normalcy. In a coalition government was formed and since there has been political stability. The world of Islam has a strategy to make Cambodia an Islamic nation by Iran has invested heavily in building mosques and has effectively placed Muslims in key political positions such as governors in several provinces.

In addition, they have built several orphanages and have been involved in various charitable works. Cambodia was a Buddhist nation before the reign of the Khmer Rouge. Most of the population identifies themselves with this religion. There have been great efforts to restore and to build new Buddhist temples. Japan has invested great sums towards this effort and is now in the process of building a big temple on river front property in Phnom Penh.

Male children are able to seek refuge in Buddhist monasteries where they receive housing and a free education. They are also indoctrinated in the principals of Buddhism and are required to become novice monks. In Roman Catholicism was brought to Cambodia through Portuguese traders. In Cambodia became a French protectorate and many of its officials were practicing Catholics but no attempt was made to translate the Bible. Protestant missionaries arrived in and translation of the Bible into Khmer language of Cambodia was begun.

The first translation of the Old and New Testaments was completed by , but in that same year the government brought out a new dictionary which rendered the previous phonetic system obsolete. The final translation of the Bible was not completed until at which time it was printed by the British and Foreign Bible Society. In the early s there was an incredible revival in Cambodia with thousands accepting the Lord. Following this mighty movement of the Holy Spirit, the Khmer Rouge took control of the country and the church went underground.

In ten pastors courageously signed a petition requesting permission for the church to become official; permission was granted in April of There are thousands of Home Churches throughout Cambodia, but few have been able to actually build or rent a facility. Cambodia is struggling to develop after years of war; was the first full year of peace in thirty years. The population lacks education and productive skills, particularly in the poverty-ridden countryside, which suffers from an almost total lack of basic infrastructure World Factbook-Cambodia.

Thirty-six percent of the population lives below the poverty line and eighty percent of the work force is engaged in agriculture. It is estimated that 10, to 20, children are working in the streets of Phnom Penh alone and countless thousands struggle to survive in other major cities and towns throughout Cambodia. Thousands of young children are sold to the slave market by their impoverished parents. Thousands of others are tricked into thinking they have legitimate work and are then locked in a room, tortured and forced to have sex.

Still thousands of other hungry children are exploited by pedophilias who proposition them on the streets. These pedophilias come to Cambodia as tourists and most of them are residents of Europe and America. The church is grieved over the crisis situation concerning children in Cambodia, two of the pastors interviewed have taken into their homes adopted several of these at risk children. Cambodian Christians have a burden to rescue and protect the exploited children of Cambodia, but are greatly limited by lack of financial resources and training.

To give an example of the day-to-day living situation in Phnom Penh, one the pastors interviewed had forty people living in his home, four of whom were street children he had adopted. His house would have comfortably housed six people by American standards. The possibility of developing a ministry that would aim at preventing children from becoming ensnared in the slave market through providing a Christian home environment and giving them an opportunity to attend school was discussed.

The pastors felt strongly that this would need to be a church based ministry, and that the church was eager for such an opportunity to reach out and meet this need. Also discussed was the need of outside assistance in order to develop such a ministry. In order to begin the process of establishing a relationship with local churches, and to support these churches in their desire to develop Sunday school programs, Women With A Vision WWAV will sponsor a short term mission trip in December Through this outreach donated Sunday school supplies and materials will be delivered to three churches.

Additionally, small gift items sufficient for three hundred children will be distributed at parties sponsored by WWAV and held in these churches. This mission trip is part of a long-term strategy that has as its primary goal the development of a church based ministry, which will rescue and protect children from the slave market. In addition, WWAV intends to assist in the development of a Sunday school program, for children ages three through twelve in each of the three churches.

This will also involve future training seminars and the provision of material and supplies. The mission trip in December was very exciting; the Lord provided toys and gifts for three parties and two Deluxe Flannel Graph sets for the churches in Siemreab and Phnom Phen. The first party was in Siemreab where there were over children in attendance from all the local churches as well as the children of construction workers.

Each church had their children sing a song for us, what a blessing! Some of the children lived in distant villages and actually started walking at dawn to arrive by 9AM. We left this party to fly to Phnom Phen for our second party. There were children in attendance representing most of the local churches. These children had also planned a program of songs and traditional dance for us.

Due to the poor roads and remaining land mines from the war, we were unable to travel in the time we had the distance for a third party. The gifts were left in storage in Bangkok. It takes time to build relationships in Asia, as it does anywhere. The contact with these two key pastors has been positive.

Siemreab and Phnom Phen are both large cities, neither of them are on the Thai-Cambodian border. The plight of thousands of children in these cities is desperate, and there is no question that there is a need for a ministry that will prevent children from entering the slave market. But at this point in time, the Lord has not revealed to me how this will unfold, for now the contact with these churches and the pastors is a good start.

Spring 2007 SST Unit in Cambodia

In praying about traveling to Cambodia again I was impressed with the need to visit towns that border Thailand. There are two areas where just inside the Cambodian border are large Las Vegas type Casinos. Thais cross the border to gamble. Cambodians cross into Thailand to find work and to sell at the Border Market. Children owned by gangs beg at these borders. Recruiters find children here for various aspects of the slave market.

There is a border crossing in Burirum and another at Aranyaprathet several hours from Bangkok. When I go to Thailand I will need to research these border towns to find if there is a church or Christian work there. In July, I spent several days at the two border crossings mentioned above. The Burirum crossing was the least active.

There are only two Casinos on the Cambodian side and no town. On the Thai side there is a border market. This is a market where Cambodians sell used clothes, blankets, etc. There were a number of children begging at this border crossing, but most of the activity was that of Thais crossing into Cambodia.

Contacts: No contact possible on the Cambodian side as there is no town only the casinos. On the Thai side I met with a pastor Narin who may be a contact for a safehouse for Cambodian girls until they can be returned safely to Cambodia. The Aranyaprathet crossing is much larger and very busy. On the Cambodian side there are 17 Casinos and the small town of Poipet on the Thai side there is another border market. Children are used to carry used clothes, blankets etc. This is accomplished by wrapping the clothing or blankets around the waist of the child then the child puts on a large shirt to cover the articles.

The reason for this is because the border guards on the Thai side do not stop the children and therefore they are not taxed import tax. The children spend all day crossing the border, selling at the market, returning and then the same routine all over again. In addition to this scam children are also begging. The youngest child I saw, carried on the hip of another child was about seven months old. They were just returning from furlough in July when I met Syna and this term they moved to Poipet!

Syna has a heart for the children, especially the girls who are being sold into prostitution to the casinos. I shared with Syna my vision to partner with Christians in Cambodia to develop a ministry for theses children. In the year and a half since I made contact with Syna there has been very little contact. Through the few emails that I have received I understand that their primary interest is in church planting. Concerning the churches in Siemreap and Phnom Phen: The senior pastor has taken a year off due to burn out, and there has been no further contact.

They also are committed to church planting and development and are unable to stretch themselves any further. A ministry developed in cooperation with nationals is the ideal, however, the Christian nationals I have had contact with are involved full time in church planting and development.

They are unable to make a commitment to a ministry as demanding as a ministry whose focus is on the rescue of children from slavery would be. The development of a house ministry patterned after the house ministry in Thailand pioneered by WWAV by a foreign missionary may be the only feasible course.

Bible Basics For New Believers: Khmer and English Languages

Single women or couples with a call to Cambodia and a burden for exploited children. They must be able to raise personal support and be willing to complete a training program that would include spending time in Thailand. One of the girls from the house ministry started by WWAV has graduated from Bible College and is preparing to go to Cambodia in response to this need. Arabs are the descendants of Noah through Eber the son of Shem Genesis The early Arabs were nomads who wandered the Arabian Peninsula, eventually the name Arab came to refer anyone whose mother tongue was Arabic.

In Exodus the "inhabitants of Palestina" were a people who occupied a portion of the land of Canaan. The name Palestine was officially given to the southern portion of the Roman province of Syria and was used until after the fall of the Crusader Kingdoms Under the British Period the name Palestine was revived as an official title. Palestinian Christians date back to the day of Pentecost. In Acts Arabians were among those who listened in amazement to the wonderful works of God in their own tongue.

Until the time of the Islamic conquest , when Arab Muslims entered Palestine as conquerors, Christians were the overwhelming majority in the Holy Land. By the time of the British Period , the Christian population had dropped to 9. From the earliest use of the name Palestina in Exodus, the title referred to a people group in a particular geographic location.

During the Roman usage of the title, and later the British revival of the official title, Palestine and Palestinian people remained a people group in the geographical area of modern Israel. The Palestinian people have never known any form of self-government; they have always been a people under military occupation.

When Zionists began to purchase the land in Palestine with the dream of establishing the Jewish State of Israel, the local Palestinians protested. This protest became known as the "Arab Rebellion" s. The Palestinians became known as "Palestinian Terrorists" and the term became ingrained in the Western mind. In the state of the Palestinians was described as: …confined to their reservations , shafted by the Arabs, defeated by the Jews, and forgotten by the world…". Yasser Arafat, the late Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, has been attributed with leading "…the Palestinians out of the deserts of obscurity into the land of Prime Time ….

While 60, Palestinian families were dependent on the PLO for their economic well-being, 99 percent of the Palestinian people had never been involved in terrorist activity Since the establishment of the state of Israel in , the Palestinian population has been spread abroad in countries throughout the world. The vast majority of the people-group referred to as Palestinians live outside of modern Israel and the territories of Gaza and the West Bank.

Jordan annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem from until the war of when Israeli forces began the occupation of the area. Egypt occupied Gaza during the same period. It is in these previously occupied areas that the Palestinians hope to establish an independent Palestinian state. The West Bank and East Jerusalem cover an area of 58, kilometers. There are four geographical areas: the Coastal Plain in the north; the Uplands which include Nablus, Jerusalem, Hebron and the mountain range; and the Eastern Foothills, including Jericho and the Coastal Uplands. Sixty-six percent of the population on the West Bank was born after Twenty-six percent are under the age of 14 In the Christian population stood at 2.

The marked drop of Christians is attributed to a lower birth rate and emigration. Forty percent of emigration has taken place since and the emigration of Palestinian Christians is three times that of Palestinian Muslims. The reported causes for Christian emigration are: the limited opportunities in the areas of employment, recreation and the arts. The unreported, but understood, reasons for emigration are: increased pressure by Muslim Palestinians for Christian Palestinians to leave, physical abuse of Christian Palestinian children by Muslims Palestinians, and the forced participation of Christian Palestinian children in violent acts against Israelis.

Palestinian Christians on the West Bank are a minority within a minority. Intifada means the shaking off and implies the shaking off of the Israeli occupation. It began as a reaction to the accidental death of a Palestinian by an Israeli driver. The Palestinians believed the death was in retaliation for the murder of an Israeli settler. Children took up stones and warred against the occupying forces. With international recognition, the movement picked up momentum and many children were encouraged by adults to continue in this effective uprising.

Not all children on the West Bank were actively involved in the Intifada. The Intifada lasted for seven years. The schools on the West Bank were completely closed for two and a half years. For another year-and-a-half, they were closed for fifty percent of the school days. Education on the West Bank was interrupted for four years. It was illegal for children to assemble; children who were not participating in the Intifada were not permitted by their parents to go out doors.

Obviously, there was no possibility for them to play and experience normal childhood activities during these years. Violence was a part of daily life and equally devastating was the violence that the children heard about. Adults were not careful when discussing violence around the children. Often what they imagined, as a result of hearing adult conversation, was worse than what the children actually witnessed. The burden of the Intifada and the resultant Peace Settlement rested on the shoulders of the children; they became the heroes. It was difficult for young children to return to normalcy, in the home and the classroom after experiencing the excitement of being war heroes.

Throughout the Intifada the children were rewarded for their aggression. Following the Intifada parents and teachers found the discipline of these children to be a problem. The residual effect of the violence has impacted most of the children on the West Bank. Of four hundred and fifty recently tested, all were found to be developmentally delayed.

The art of the children reflects war and violence. Bed-wetting and depression are common complaints. Almost all the children have been damaged emotionally. One of the greatest needs for these children is recreation according to the teachers, parents and agencies working with them. There is not one public park on the West Bank, and private schools or institutions own the existing recreational facilities. There are no playing areas, football fields, or swimming pools to which the Palestinian children have access. These youth have a lot of energy and aggression and no way to channel it positively.

During summer months, when schools are traditionally closed, there is very little opportunity for the children on the West Bank to play and be stimulated. The Palestinian youth on the West Bank, between the years of and were either rewarded for their aggression or were locked in doors. Currently they are discontent, and with the closure of the West Bank, are without hope of a peaceful future.

They are facing long hot summers with days void of supervised activity. This is a perfect environment for another uprising. Each of the Palestinian leaders on the West Bank who were interviewed by Women With A Vision, strongly believe that recreation during the upcoming summer is the greatest felt need of the children. They emphasized that any effort to meet this need would be worthwhile. The children on the West Bank are facing summers that have the potential of being boring and uneventful following years of political upheavals, the Intifada, and the current closure of the West Bank.

These children are in critical need of organized recreational activities. As the leaders of the Peace Settlement, West Bank youth have learned and been rewarded for aggression which has facilitated their development into rebellious teens. Palestinian parents and educators prior to the Intifada held tight reigns on their youth. They have never had to deal with the aggressive behavior which is now common in the Palestinian children on the West Bank.

Summers are void of supervised recreational activites and provide a medium for further youth uprisings. To provide a three week Summer Day Camp Program in several locations. To use short term missionary teams to work with an existing evangelical organization and private institutions with recreational facilities. To provide a program, which would include art, music, crafts sports, with a goal of teaching the children how to identify their feelings and respond to them using Biblical principals.

Participating churches will provide human resources and supplies. September There is the Bethlehem Bible College in Bethlehem. They offer a full time program with on-campus housing and extension classes. The classes are taught in Arabic and the course offering is traditional with the exception of their emphasis on replacement theology the belief that the church replaced the Jews.

The need for an extension campus to the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California was presented to the administration in Murrieta and approval was given to lay the foundation for the extension campus. Calvary Chapel Long Beach donated reference books including the International Bible Encyclopedia to add to the already existing reference books that Leona Karni had accumulated.

The anticipated enrollment is 10 students all of whom are fluent in English. The students will begin with a Bible Survey class using the series audio tapes, and Ephesians using the video class. An Inductive Bible Study Seminar will be offered. This will be taught by Dan Finfrock. A facility was rented in East Jerusalem which provided a classroom and office. A representative from the church and the Bible College in Murrieta visited East Jerusalem and set the campus in order concerning course offerings, credits and administration.

Leona Karni was in close contact with the main campus to follow through on the issues of course credits. Pastor Chuck Smith presented the diploma. Plans were made for George Fellmon to take over the work of the extension campus under the supervision of Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Margarita. Calvary Chapel Bible College East Jerusalem was established in with the required course selection needed to complete a two-year program. There were 15 students actively involved in taking classes and attending seminars with one having completed the courses and having received her diploma.

It was believed by all involved that for the college to continue successfully there needed to be male leadership. They have been working with the students that have remained interested. This is very challenging since there is no longer a facility and much of the class material, supplies and records are missing. There are now students who are not fluent in English who wish to take classes through the college.

This requires that the material be translated into Arabic. Paul Dorr P. Box Jerusalem Israel. In Thailand she conducted the research and pioneered the work which prevented girls from entering the slave market. In WWAV was registered as a national organization in Thailand as a social work organization under the religious department of the Thai government. WWAV functioned as a non-profit organization registered under the government in the United States from until A second house was opened in Krasang Burirum. A third house was opened in Chumpung Korat. Due to the lack of committed house parents for the day-to-day running of the program, the house in Korat was closed and six of the ten girls were transferred to Burirum.

The house in Chumpung was closed and five girls were transferred to Burirum, again due to lack of committed Christian workers. Also in a missionary couple who had been receiving their visa through WWAV increased their commitment from teaching a weekly Bible study to overseeing the project. Current Additionally, they have opened a boys house in Krasang.

GMNET has also has planted a church and developed a work to help poverty stricken farmers. The reports go on to say that these children are allowed no contact with their families, they are beaten, burned, raped, and forced to work up to eighteen hours a day with no breaks. During the few hours they do not work, they are locked in a small room with as many as twenty other children. The Northeast of Thailand is an agricultural area that is often plagued by drought.

Farmers are hard pressed to support their families. Commonly a child is taken out of school after completing sixth grade 12 years old , often younger, and are expected to participate in earning the family income.