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Chaos is always frightening.

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It becomes less so, however, when we begin finding discernable patterns in the turmoil. Patterns provide context—the ability to make sense of things in relation to other things. Patterns can also lead to profit since they help executives to focus and anticipate outcomes. We believe there is a sense-making pattern that can help us understand how change takes place in the economy.

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Generally speaking, edges are peripheral areas with high growth potential. For example, emerging economies form a geographic edge.

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New generations of people form demographic edges. Technology edges take shape as technological innovations begin offering new capabilities. Edges also occur at the firm and individual levels. Edges within firms represent early stage business initiatives with high growth potential, whether new market-oriented initiatives or new work practices, often generated by the born-digital generation entering the workforce.

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Edges at the individual level represent the weak ties in our social networks that quicken personal growth by connecting us with experiences and resources we might not have otherwise encountered. At the firm level, the core symbolizes the inside of the enterprise, its principal capabilities and primary revenue streams.

For each of us as individuals, it describes the deep and rich relationships we maintain with those who are closest to us, either personally or professionally. Light your way to the stars with the Cloud Edge Moonlight. The experimental edition takes the design of the iconic Cloud interstellar. Reflective elements on the tongue, upper and sole mirror the depth and brightness of the night sky. This shoe is for those that dare to push frontiers.

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To test the Edge of the infinite. To shoot for the moon. Discover the Cloud Edge Moonlight online or at selected retailers around the world.

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There are other, somewhat less critical vulnerabilities that could be interesting to us and will be rewarded. One can think of vulnerabilities within Ledger Live.

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Even harmless bugs can be interesting for us and are equally rewarded. The amount of the reward depends on several factors:. We have used our bounty program since the beginning of Ledger in We publicly announced it at the beginning of , however.

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Our bounty program aims to having precious, valuable help from security researchers, to keep increasing the high standard we have set for ourselves and to reward those who have been able to help us in this. The bounty program has helped to improve our security. The most notable results have led to upgrading the Ledger Nano S firmware 1.