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We've seen just how detrimental it is to the health of women and newborns. Pregnancy is already difficult in these hard places. Sustaining life on a limited diet is strenuous on both mother and babe, and malnutrition causes pregnancy complications, low birth weight, and increased risk of both maternal and infant mortality.

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COHI ensures quality care to mamas and babies in crisis situations around the world by providing disaster relief, supplies, professional training and supporting social enterprise. To learn more, visit cohintl.

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Why do we do what we do? We couldn't have answered this question better than the COHI supporters do in this video.

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Here's how COHI ensures quality care to mamas and babies in crisis situations around the world. Supplies COHI provides supplies specific to women and children in crisis.

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Professional Training COHI provides professional training to ensure sustainability to our beneficiaries. Based on the focus of attention in hospitals and clinics, it is clear that we care for the sick, and that is understandable.

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Perhaps we continue to shift the fundamental locus of control to others. Prevention must start with those with the greatest power to impact behavior based on a thorough understanding of the complexity of human behavior. And who are these individuals or organizations with the greatest power for health?

Every day, your actions are impacted by your own beliefs, your own circle of friends, and family who influence your choices.

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Most people spend a significant portion of their time at work and form social circles at work as well. Thus, workplace environments that support health is another place for education and empowerment towards health. Finally, our actions are governed in any civil society, so policy has a significant role to play on how incentives are applied to create a healthy environment.