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We wrote a definition of an IO action earlier, called main :.

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Now, let's supplement it by actually writing a function definition and call it factorial. I'm also adding a module header, which is good form. There's a function. Just like the built-in functions, it can be called as factorial 5 without needing parentheses. This also has the type class Num. A couple extra pieces of syntax are helpful.

The let expression defines temporary names. This is using layout again. The case expression does a multi-way branch.

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Everything used so far in this tutorial is part of the Prelude , which is the set of Haskell functions that are always there in any program. The best road from here to becoming a very productive Haskell programmer aside from practice!

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There are modules there with:. The import says to use code from Data. Map and that it will be prefixed by M. That's necessary because some of the functions have the same names as functions from the prelude. Most libraries don't need the as part. This is a collection of many different libraries written by a lot of people for Haskell.

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Once you've got a library, extract it and switch into that directory and do this:. Jump to: navigation , search. Category : Tutorials. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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  6. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Haskell Wiki community Recent changes Random page. This page was last modified on 9 October , at Although the group may have up to three face-to-face meetings per year, currently, no f2f meetings are scheduled. All meeting minutes are Public unless, on an exceptional basis, there is consensus for the minutes to be Member confidential.

    Links to all of the meeting minutes are consolidated in the Minutes Wiki. The general expectation is a meeting's Chair will send the minutes to the group's mail list within 24 hours of the end of the meeting. Jump to: navigation , search. The Pointer Events group has two types of meetings and this document includes general information about the meetings: Distributed meetings, aka teleconferences and voice conferences Face-to-face f2f meetings SeeAlso: The WG's Code - describes how the group actually operates including links to various resources GitHub repository - GitHub is used for all bugs, issues, and as a tracker for spec-related actions public-pointer-events - archive of the group's Public mail list Contents.

    Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. This will initialise the current directory as a replication workspace, creating a configuration.

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    By default, this is initialised to minutely diffs, so if you want hourly you should edit the file so that it references the hourly replication diffs URL. For simplicity the rest of this will assume you want minutely diffs, but simply replace minute with hour to use the hourly diffs. Download a state file:. This will be the most recent state file, which may not be suitable for your needs.

    To reset it to an earlier state all you need to change is the sequenceNumber entry. This will put all the changes between the previous sequence number and the most up-to-date into the file foo. There is a detailed description at osmupdate Wiki page.


    You also can consult the help page of the program option --help. Here is a short example how to create a planet change file for the time range between November 1, , UTC and today:. The program will first determine the age of the old file. This is usually done by reading the file's header. If the header does not contain a file timestamp, the whole file will be scanned to get the latest object timestamp.

    The new file will be created with a file timestamp so that the automatic scanning may be needed only for the first time you update this file. Because of this you do not need to download or edit any state files manually. Sooner or later you will detect an OSM file on your local disk drive and try to find out of which date the stored OSM data are.

    If you are lucky, the file name will contain date and time. If not, you may want to try to read the files's timestamp or to analyze the file's contents to find the latest recorded dataset timestamp.


    Other than inspecting an XML file header manually, the program osmconvert can help you getting the required information. For example:. I'm nearly sure, Osmosis is able to perform these tasks too. Please, someone who has more experience with Osmosis, complete this description. Processing planet diffs is often an high server ressources consuming process while not everyone needs world coverage. OSM file formats File formats for diffs.

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